Good Morning Rainy Day!

Three rainy days and being inside makes a girls a little stir crazy, especially if she’s been smelling the paint fumes.

The projects this week….

Living room painted………..check

Dining room painted……….check

Chair rail wallpaper hung….check

Front door painted……………checkIMG_2600_thumb.jpg

A break in the rain this morning, got me outdoors walking to town and enjoying the view.


Wish you were with me, dear hearts, but the next best thing, my friend the camera was with me to give you a glimpse of the scenery.


Ahhh…these front porches, aren’t they beautiful









Funny sidebar about the house below.

The feisty lady who lives there had a heated discussion with the historical society when she wanted to paint the house. When she presented her choice of color to them, they balked and said “no way”.  I think it has been so many years and no one remembers the color she chose. Her decision not to paint at all still stands. I suppose there are no rules about letting the house go unpainted and becoming an eyesore. Small town gossip…you got to love it.



While in town, I found a dining room table in a consignment shop……..very, very cheap, for our little cottage among the beautiful homes I walked by.

It’s very study/heavy. We will go back later today. when there’s a break in the rain, and bring it home.

Project list for next week begins with

………..sand table top

Have a great weekend!



September’s Song

But the days grow short

When you reach September.




Oh boy, how true this is for September 2016.

The month is half over. Where did it go? What do I have to show for it?

After moving in the new, old, house late August, the paint brushes were busy for all of……….one week.


They went  into storage for this


Yes, an interruption for a birthday trip to Aruba.  Planned long ago with friends who were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary the same time as my birthday….

what’s a girl to do……go to Aruba, of course. Those paint brushes aren’t going anywhere.


Hot lazy, days in Aruba.

A gorgeous September rainbow after a brief shower welcomed us on the first day of our visit.



Two for one drinks during happy hour lured us to the Tiki bar every afternoon….come rain or shine……


Aruba is a country of the kingdom of the Netherlands.

The use of wind power on the island was not surprising.



The California Lighthouse was originally design to warn ships from the coastline of Aruba and is now a landmark for tourism.

Below, the view from a rooftop restaurant. The sun getting ready to drop unto the ocean.



A Divi tree at Eagle Beach provided much needed shade. Aruba is a hot and dry island.

Below, one of the beautiful homes in the high rise district of Aruba.IMG_2558_thumb.jpg

Below, a building in Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba.





One of the pools at the resort conveniently located….near the Tiki Bar restaurant.

Eagle Beach


Vacation in September is in the books and that paintbrush has been busy once again.

I have no time left for the waiting game.










And This

Hello everyone!  Hot enough for you? Couldn’t resist. hee hee

I thought after the dog days of summer (july3-August 11 according to Farmer’s almanac) it would be just a little bit cooler…….maybe a degree or two? Jeez maybe half a degree?


The heat index, dangerous and uncomfortable, has been over 100 degrees for several days.

And this………..Two days after closing on the house, the air conditioning quit working. We had painted the master bedroom the day before, the air worked fine. The next day, when we went over, air is not working at all. We have a few more days before we have to totally be moved in.  Sleeping there now would be unbearable……..sigh……..maybe this week it will be fixed. Meanwhile, painting has ceased, but moving in continues. It is in the 90’s  in the house, plus the heat index……yikes.

Rooms left to be painted, which is all except one…  Five more rooms, a hallway with built in bookcases, two bathrooms and closets.

The room below will be used as an office/TV room, I think. Even with three windows, it doesn’t get a lot of light. I lighten the picture for viewing purposes.

Trees will be trimmed soon that are blocking the light, not to mention damaging the roof.


Dining room below, will also have a lighter wall color and will NOT have contrasting colors below the chair rail.



Below is one of the bathrooms. It is not on the top of the list to be painted. Although it has good tile work and overall in great condition, I won’t be satisfied unless it is also painted. I feel like I need to put my paint brush stamp on every inch to make it me.











All the walls are a medium gray… my plans are for a warmer, lighter color on the walls….Each room will be an experiment as I work with the light coming in.

Sigh…….. Paint supplies sitting idle…… This is just wrong!!!