First week of the New Year. Really?

Here we are just a few days into the New Year.

Already I have been blind sighted by events  or information that shocked me.

Events that are so unfair, even thought I know life is unfair,

I really didn’t need proof of this so soon in the year.


After the holidays are over, a little time to breathe before facing challenges would be expected and welcomed.

As you and I know, not always do we get what we expect.

As I am writing this blog, Ms. Kitty (new cat) and I are looking out the double windows of the cottage.

An unexpected snowfall yesterday, January 3,  left about  2 inches of  the beautiful white stuff.  The sun is coming out and glistens on the snow,, but it’s still very cold out. Ms. Kitty is looking out wistfully anxious to get out again and chase those squirrels around. 



Snowfall in the blue light of evening.


 On a more serious note, my daughter was given life changing news on the second day of the year. Although my heart is with her,  we are over two thousand mile apart. Any mother knows how heartbreaking that is.  She is sorting out this unexpected news and making plans to get her life on track without her mother by her side. We talk several times a day. It’s not like being there, but I trust  God to put the right people in her life as she navigates  drastic changes in her life.

I can’t help but wonder about my chosen word for the year. “Inspire” was the word and my ability to be inspiring seem to go right out the window the very next day. Whatever your word, don’t be surprise if you’re challenged on it.

I looked up the definition again today of inspire, to be sure I really knew the meaning of the word.. One of the definitions is to encourage. 

There it is! I am called to encourage whether it be next door or two thousand miles away. When the mother bear in me wants to lash out at those who are hurting my child, I know that is not the way to live an inspired life. I can encourage and impart God given wisdom and know that she is in God’s hands. My job is to encourage (inspire) her to know and feel she is going to be OK. Really, she is going to be OK.

What a very real start to where this word is taking me.

And yes, Ms. Kitty, the snow will be gone soon and you can enjoy the yard again..






Fast Foward

You begin the New Year, January 1, 2017,  and think you have 365 brand new days ahead… Lots and lots of time, Right?

And then it’s like someone pushed the fast forward button;   you look up and December is knocking on the door.

I can’t be the only one feeling this.



We enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving with family and the day after…….Black Friday, nope, no shopping for me…….pumpkins were marching , gourdes was flying and leaves were falling …

Falling and being packed away in plastic tubs.  My day after Thanksgiving tradition is to pack away fall and bring on Christmas.

By the end of the day, my goal is to be 90 % finished. What hasn’t been done on Friday can usually be finished on Saturday.

But, before all of that, Christmas came to the cottage.  

Back at the cottage , not long after Halloween, I was decorating the halls.

Just little touches here and there. It doesn’t take a lot,


I’m saving my energy and most Christmas d├ęcor for the main house.













And while all the activity was going on inside,

this little fella was watching through the kitchen window

wondering when his dinner would be served.


Be patient Kitty, this won’t take long. wink wink



Charleston, Charleston

Everything you’ve heard is true!

The flavors, sights, sounds, people and traditions …there’s no other city like Charleston S.C.

A long weekend in February…….  perfect time for a trip to the Holy City.

The weather was beautiful…….hard to complain about that

except, it was so sunny…..not the best for picture taking.

But no way was I going to leave without snapping a few.

The famous Rainbow Row.

The architecture , art galleries, restaurants, and King Street shopping.

So much to do…..never enough time.


The battery

One of many old churches ….French Huguenot Church







And all too soon……………It’s goodbye for now………I’ll be back.