Where I’ve been and What’s next

What started out as a brief break turned into a too long absence.

It’s true….”Time stands still for nobody. Live each moment because when it’s passed, you can’t get it back.”

While getting time back is not an option, these pictures can answer the question of where  I’ve been and what I’ve doing.

We knew this would be the year when we would come back home and we would be saying goodbye to the little cottage in the little town that has been our part time home for 2 years. And  my body and mind told me it was time. 

Early 2016, my spirit of adventure was at an all time high, Yes, lets do this.

Now 2 years later, I am more than ready to close the chapter on this experience.

We started prepping the house in early spring, with plans to list it when schools  were letting out for the summer and folks are on the move, literally. .


Yep, before the end of the summer, I’m thinking,  mission accomplished. Hubby would be finished with his career, again, and we would once again be a one house family. 

We cleaned, painted, arrange furniture, decluttered etc until we just finally said that’s it. No more doing and redoing.

We were ready to list!






A cute, beautifully staged  3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1650 square feet cottage will be a snap to sell. Right?

Oh yes it was. It sold within 4 days and the buyer wanted some of the furniture. That was a plus. We didn’t need the furniture and would have to sell or donate most of it.

And there was another offer on the house. Wowza, Wowza, Wowa…. Excited….so excited. 

Almost too easy. Yes it was! 

We signed the contract and left to go on a planned vacation to Las Vegas for our granddaughter’s graduation.

We returned home and started removing stuff from the cottage and bringing it back.

We were fast approaching the July 30 date of closing. And then…….The rest of the story….

The buyer backed out,  for personal reasons,  and by July 4, we had to start again. Disappointing!!!! Other potential buyers had moved on to other properties. At first, we resisted restaging, but saw it was in our best interests to bring the furniture. rugs and accessories back that we had taken home. And we wait. July 30 came and went…..August 30 is gone and we are now approaching the middle of September.

We made a price cut and we still wait.

I have Summer time still on the chalk board and will be changing it to Fall…..very soon.

That is what I’ve been and what I’ve been doing.. Sigh. Sigh

We have a showing next week…….fingers crossed.

What’s next ???????? Shrug…I don’t have a clue.






Christmas Cottage

Getting anxious around the middle of December is normal, right?

No matter how much I’ve done to be ready for the celebration of Christmas, there’s always the other me saying, you have too much to do. You’ll never get it done. Just a week away is December 23, the Saturday before Christmas, the day  of our traditional family Christmas brunch.

The family brunch and any other holiday get togethers will be at the main house.

I’m packing up Christmas decorations at the cottage  …. We won’t  be back here until January 2018, the new year.


I think I will be ready to NOT see decorations when I return. The tree will remain and other decorations in the living room, but for the most part it will be de-Christmased


Now for some parting shots before all goes bye bye.


















My Christmas train. One of the better Hallmark movies this Christmas is “ The Christmas Train”.

The surprise ending ….very interesting. Even the mister enjoyed watching it with me.






Christmas at the cottage 2017….bye, bye.




Almost winter wonderland

South Carolina is known for many things, but a snowfall before the middle of December is not one of those things.  Our drive home on Friday was wet, but insignificant until we were a few miles from home.

Beautiful snowflakes , you know the big flakey and wet kind, began falling. The cars  traveling from the other direction had snow on top. The roofs of the buildings were all white with snow. And the outdoor Christmas decorations were enhanced with a blanket of the white stuff.  Friday, eight days into December, a snow day unexpected. 

Our Frosty greeted us with a smile…..looks right at home.

The snow continued into Saturday, but wasn’t a nuisance at all. The roads remained clear and other than long lines at the grocery store….milk and bread, you know, life was normal.


Mr. Finely Done braved the grocery store lines to shop. Friends were coming Saturday night for supper. A little snowfall just added to the feeling of Christmas in the air and the warmth of friendships.

This man of mine is the best! He enjoys cooking for special dinners and does the shopping. He even plans the menu.  And the meals are always the best. Everything comes out the way it’s supposed to. How does he do that?

And I get to decorate the table while he’s cooking.  Certainly a win,win for me.


The meal started with cheese soup… I know… the best soup ever on a cold night.


We had to restrain our appetites from pigging out on the creamy soup. There was so much more to come.

I made a simple apple salad with apples, cranberries, marshmallows, whipped cream and walnuts.


And now the star of the show. 

Pork Tenderloin!!!!!!

His Pork tenderloin turns out perfectly every time. It was the winner of favorite food of the night award.

It was a tough choice… the sides were roasted potatoes with Parmesan topping, roasted brussel spouts and glazed carrots.

I really was going to take a picture of my plate….but….after helping my plate, I dug in without a thought of taking pictures..  Can’t blame me can you?

For dessert, yes dessert, and I mean …what a dessert.

A little chocolate cake with “20” layers. Can you even imagine?


Neither of us can take credit for this masterpiece . After sampling this at a small town cafe, I ordered an entire cake…..to be shared with friends, of course.

Almost forgot… I really was decorating while Mr. Finely Done was being the chief cook.

Hand made name tags on the back of the chairs. …turned out adorable..blush, blush.


And a little candlelight…….  precisely what was needed for an almost winter wonderland evening.