Christmas beauty

Ever wish you had the formula? You know the one that others seem to have for making the holidays merry and bright. 

They can’t seem to get enough of Christmas parades, Christmas parties, breakfasts with Santa, Christmas plays and on and on. Whew, makes me tired just writing about it.

That is their way of connecting with and celebrating the season. And that is fantastic.

For me the, joy of the season is finding the beauty of Christmas in a quieter way.

And that comes in the form of creating something of beauty. It might be decorating the home, making chocolate covered pretzels for the kids. Shopping with my love to buy gifts for the family ……… A cozy dinner party with friends to reflect on the beauty of Christ and the gifts He brought to us…. beautiful things.

A  Sunday night Candle lit supper…lighting candles of hope, peace and hope…it’s all beauty.

This year I’ve been blessed with time to be inspired and create a winter collection of art.

Merry Christmas!











I may have to put my paint brushes away for now. Finding the beauty of Christmas will shift into high gear creating meals and goodies to share with friends and family and I’ll savor the moments in a quiet, peaceful way.. that’s my style.
















Austrian Autumn Supper

Autumn just happens to be my favorite season. The crisp air, apple stands, pumpkins for sale everywhere, cornstalks, , hay rides, I love it all.

And the leaf color….Is there anything more beautiful?

Being away 5 days each week doesn’t leave a lot of time to connect with old friends and enjoy the season with an autumn supper.

 It takes determination to make the schedules agree and set a date.

And that’s just what happened on a beautiful autumn October evening.

Mr. Finely Done had the perfect menu in mind. Once I knew the menu, I had the table décor in mind

Our Guinea Pigs, I mean special friends, enjoy a food adventure,  and we were all looking forward to an evening of food, fun and adventure.

Chef Mr. Finely Done,  has the kitchen for the night. He’s the best and we look forward to the creative cuisine he comes up with.

Austrian Food it would be, None of us have ever been and will probably never visit the country of Austria.  An evening in Austria, how lovely.

We began the meal with a toast to the evening with Austrian wine.

.Blauer Zweigelt-Red
Gruner Veltliner-White

The table was set and looked quite autumnish and hopefully Austrian.


Each place setting had the Austrian menu by the plate. No guess work in what we were eating.

Those copper bowls were just perfect for the squash soup, our starter for the evening.




And the rest of the meal……….drum roll please….

The entrée is breaded pork chop. The veggies I think you can figure out.

The dessert was chocolate chip pumpkin cake topped with vanilla ice crème.

It disappeared before I got a picture. Sorry.

One guest commented that this was the best international dinner so far.

I would have to agree that it was a perfect evening.

The ccombination of dear friends who had missed each other, the autumn evening and the good food made it an evening we would remember for a long time.






Fast Foward

You begin the New Year, January 1, 2017,  and think you have 365 brand new days ahead… Lots and lots of time, Right?

And then it’s like someone pushed the fast forward button;   you look up and December is knocking on the door.

I can’t be the only one feeling this.



We enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving with family and the day after…….Black Friday, nope, no shopping for me…….pumpkins were marching , gourdes was flying and leaves were falling …

Falling and being packed away in plastic tubs.  My day after Thanksgiving tradition is to pack away fall and bring on Christmas.

By the end of the day, my goal is to be 90 % finished. What hasn’t been done on Friday can usually be finished on Saturday.

But, before all of that, Christmas came to the cottage.  

Back at the cottage , not long after Halloween, I was decorating the halls.

Just little touches here and there. It doesn’t take a lot,


I’m saving my energy and most Christmas décor for the main house.













And while all the activity was going on inside,

this little fella was watching through the kitchen window

wondering when his dinner would be served.


Be patient Kitty, this won’t take long. wink wink