Christmas beauty

Ever wish you had the formula? You know the one that others seem to have for making the holidays merry and bright. 

They can’t seem to get enough of Christmas parades, Christmas parties, breakfasts with Santa, Christmas plays and on and on. Whew, makes me tired just writing about it.

That is their way of connecting with and celebrating the season. And that is fantastic.

For me the, joy of the season is finding the beauty of Christmas in a quieter way.

And that comes in the form of creating something of beauty. It might be decorating the home, making chocolate covered pretzels for the kids. Shopping with my love to buy gifts for the family ……… A cozy dinner party with friends to reflect on the beauty of Christ and the gifts He brought to us…. beautiful things.

A  Sunday night Candle lit supper…lighting candles of hope, peace and hope…it’s all beauty.

This year I’ve been blessed with time to be inspired and create a winter collection of art.

Merry Christmas!











I may have to put my paint brushes away for now. Finding the beauty of Christmas will shift into high gear creating meals and goodies to share with friends and family and I’ll savor the moments in a quiet, peaceful way.. that’s my style.

















I read a wise quote………..”The best therapy is taking a break from the usual routine.’

Yes, with that definition in mind, I have had good therapy this week.

My usual routine for months has been focusing on what needed to be done at the cottage.

I needed it to be finished,…. although it’s never finished….,  and that happened last week, jut in time for weekend guests.


While a trip to the beach was not part of my therapy, I found other  ways to get out of the routine.

I browsed the fiction shelves of the local library, especially the large print, and checked out a book that promises to be good reading.


I wiped the dust off my water color supplies and started working on a couple of botanicals.


Working crossword puzzles, not the hard ones, is a good stress reliever for me. The easy ones  give a boost to my ego……making me feel smart.

Shopping hint…The Dollar Store is the place to shop for crossword puzzle books.


And this……. Hanging out with my sweet neighbor….Ms. Lena turned 86 in January.

Isn’t she beautiful!

Hanging out with Ms. Lena is therapy to the max. Although we only met 6 months ago, it’s just like we have always known each other.

We’ve all met people like that and having one next door ….how blessed I am.



We will be going back to the main house this weekend. It has been two weeks since we were last there. In the meantime, I am enjoying my week of therapy.



Slow progress is progress still

Officially, it has been 2 months since we signed the papers on house number 2.

I should give it a name to not confuse it with our main residence. After some thought, I will refer to the house as the “cottage on greene.” I like that!

Busy does not even describe life at the cottage on greene. Setbacks have happened…….some unexpected. Such as a little hurricane called Matthew. While not in the direct path, winds and lots of rain resulted in uprooted trees falling on power lines. And you know when that happens…….no electricity…….for 4 days.

The brick cottage fared well in the storm, but without the comforts of home, this old fashion girl, who has grown fond of all things plugged in, stayed on higher ground 3 1/2 hours away.

I left behind many, many unfinished projects. I had hoped to show some pictures of how breathtakingly beautiful the little cottage is becoming. sigh, sigh, sigh. Not yet!

I will be back there in 2 days and hope to hit the ground running. My days here have been spent shopping for all the stuff to take back to the cottage.

My recent hangouts…….Thrift stores, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Target etc. In between the shopping, a long overdue trip to my hairdresser.   Smile, smile smile.

I have chalk paint, milk paint, antiquing glaze, fabric, fireplace screen, desk chair ($25), dishes, wall decor

and a dozen or so of other things from shopping my stash of stuff in the garage.

I also met a dear friend for dinner and talk, accent on the talk. I had a wonderful supper with one special girl. Will blog about that later.

And lest you think I wasted even a second, I worked on three tiny projects. Evidence below.


An acrylic painted,  fall burlap wall hanging.


A rag wreath made out of drop cloth remnants.

WP_20161014_003 (1)

And an acrylic painting of a leaf on a burlap pillow.


I can take a breath now before full speed ahead!