A pillow here, a pillow there

Throw pillows…… as a rules, men hate them and most women love them.

Some pile them on, the more the better.

I’m in between…..sometimes less is more from a decorating standpoint.

My weakness is……. I like to change them semi frequently and move them from room to room.

That could add up to a lot of pillows.

The secret to avoid a stockpile of pillows is to use pillow covers. Some I buy and some I make.

I discovered these recently in Walmart for 97 cents that make great pillow covers.

Three seams and about fifteen minutes later, you have a pillow cover.


Waverly Fat Quarter cloth that comes in an 18″ x 21″ piece for less than a dollar.

Enough cloth to make a pillow cover for under $2.  The Walmart near me doesn’t a fabric department, but these were in the craft section.

I joined them together like this.. put right sides together and make a stitch down one side, the 21 inch side if your pillow is 16 x 16.

This closure after the pillow is inserted will be envelope style. Hem the two sides opposite the joined  sides.  I used iron on fusing tape for the hems.  for a 16″ x 16″ pillow you will have an inch on each side for the seams.

This is where the instructions get hard to explain.  As when I’m cooking, I don’t always measure to the exact.  Yes, I did say that.

With the seam at the bottom and rights sides together, fold one top edge approximately 6 and 1/2 inches  towards you and pin.  Turn over and turn the other top edge over toward you 4 and 1/2 inches .

Stitch the sides and turn outside in. It should look like the above after stitching and turning the right sides out.


An oblong pillow made with Waverly Fat Quarter.

There are other colors and patterns. I made 4 in gray tones….spending a total of $8.

I’m encouraged to try others……..so simple.





As you know, my word for 2017 is focus.  And like most of us, January 2017 has been a challenge to focus on  day- to -day activities.



In the south, there was the artic weather the second week in January.  It stayed in the teens at night for several days. Then it warmed up a day or two later and was in the 70’s during the day.

source pinterest


We have experienced all four seasons and January is not over. Focus, I say.

And we had belated Christmas celebrations and birthday celebrations requiring focus.

One Saturday, I shopped for items to take to the cottage to finish projects and forgot to pack them when we left.

That delayed things for a week. Focus. Indeed.


There was an issue with the webhost for Ms Finely Done. I was down for several day. Focus.

Are you getting the picture?


But, you know what?

I did focus in a way I wasn’t even considering when I chose the word.


I was in the moment for what demanded my attention.

In my mind, I was thinking about the things I wanted to accomplish around the house. But while that is a part of my life, it is by no means all of it.



I will continue to focus and not feel like I have failed my word when my focus is not on accomplishments and decorating. It is where it needs to be ……… at that given moment.

This week while I’m gathering this and that for the guest bedroom, my focus has been scouring pinterest for ides. All the cottage bedrooms are beautiful and I’m anxious to get mine finished.


How are you doing with your 2017 word?



It’s a wrap……almost..Part 1

Two days away is New Year’s Eve, the day before 2017  begins. A brand new shiny year to unwrap.

Like it or not, ready or not , it’s here.

As in the previous year, there will be ups and downs, highs and lows. good and bad times. Life as it happens

As my way of closure for the year,  I’m sharing a recap of each of the twelve months of 2016.

I will refrain from the obvious “where did the time go?”

January 2016, I chose the word “hope” as my go to word for the year.

Hope served me well this year. As we experienced most of the year embroiled in political turmoil and an election outcome continuing to divide our country……..Hope

As we face daily challenges…..Hope

As we face unknown fears…….Hope

In February, a move to a small town for a job opportunity for the hubby, brought excitement, apprehensions and a bit of work to find our home away from home.

We settled into a small, unfurnished apartment near his workplace. 

It was shoestring decorating. But it was Home Sweet Home.

In March, we celebrated Easter with friends and family back home. It was a bitter sweet time, as we enjoyed hiding eggs with the little ones and reminisced of better times with loved ones who are spending Easter with the Lord and Savior.


In April, I continued furnishing the apartment by bringing small pieces of furniture from our main house, 3 1/2 hours away.

We went back there for the weekend and travelled back to the apartment on Sunday afternoons, bringing a load of “stuff” with us.

We are accumulating quite a bit in the apartment. Strange , nothing seems to be missing from the main house yet.


In May, decorating the apartment is done and mostly I’m sitting around reading. I do enjoy reading, but it’s so not me to sit for long.

Hubby and I have come to the conclusion, apartment living is not for us.

We explored nearby towns with plans to find a little cottage to buy.

We celebrated Memorial day at the main house and went back to the apartment. 

In June we were in house hunting mode when hubby got home from work everyday.

In the historical district of a town with homes like these….



We find this.

A “just the right size” cottage with a few projects..

…… not too many.

Guess I won’t be going to the library for a while.

To be continued.