Almost winter wonderland

South Carolina is known for many things, but a snowfall before the middle of December is not one of those things.  Our drive home on Friday was wet, but insignificant until we were a few miles from home.

Beautiful snowflakes , you know the big flakey and wet kind, began falling. The cars  traveling from the other direction had snow on top. The roofs of the buildings were all white with snow. And the outdoor Christmas decorations were enhanced with a blanket of the white stuff.  Friday, eight days into December, a snow day unexpected. 

Our Frosty greeted us with a smile…..looks right at home.

The snow continued into Saturday, but wasn’t a nuisance at all. The roads remained clear and other than long lines at the grocery store….milk and bread, you know, life was normal.


Mr. Finely Done braved the grocery store lines to shop. Friends were coming Saturday night for supper. A little snowfall just added to the feeling of Christmas in the air and the warmth of friendships.

This man of mine is the best! He enjoys cooking for special dinners and does the shopping. He even plans the menu.  And the meals are always the best. Everything comes out the way it’s supposed to. How does he do that?

And I get to decorate the table while he’s cooking.  Certainly a win,win for me.


The meal started with cheese soup… I know… the best soup ever on a cold night.


We had to restrain our appetites from pigging out on the creamy soup. There was so much more to come.

I made a simple apple salad with apples, cranberries, marshmallows, whipped cream and walnuts.


And now the star of the show. 

Pork Tenderloin!!!!!!

His Pork tenderloin turns out perfectly every time. It was the winner of favorite food of the night award.

It was a tough choice… the sides were roasted potatoes with Parmesan topping, roasted brussel spouts and glazed carrots.

I really was going to take a picture of my plate….but….after helping my plate, I dug in without a thought of taking pictures..  Can’t blame me can you?

For dessert, yes dessert, and I mean …what a dessert.

A little chocolate cake with “20” layers. Can you even imagine?


Neither of us can take credit for this masterpiece . After sampling this at a small town cafe, I ordered an entire cake…..to be shared with friends, of course.

Almost forgot… I really was decorating while Mr. Finely Done was being the chief cook.

Hand made name tags on the back of the chairs. …turned out adorable..blush, blush.


And a little candlelight…….  precisely what was needed for an almost winter wonderland evening.

























Austrian Autumn Supper

Autumn just happens to be my favorite season. The crisp air, apple stands, pumpkins for sale everywhere, cornstalks, , hay rides, I love it all.

And the leaf color….Is there anything more beautiful?

Being away 5 days each week doesn’t leave a lot of time to connect with old friends and enjoy the season with an autumn supper.

 It takes determination to make the schedules agree and set a date.

And that’s just what happened on a beautiful autumn October evening.

Mr. Finely Done had the perfect menu in mind. Once I knew the menu, I had the table décor in mind

Our Guinea Pigs, I mean special friends, enjoy a food adventure,  and we were all looking forward to an evening of food, fun and adventure.

Chef Mr. Finely Done,  has the kitchen for the night. He’s the best and we look forward to the creative cuisine he comes up with.

Austrian Food it would be, None of us have ever been and will probably never visit the country of Austria.  An evening in Austria, how lovely.

We began the meal with a toast to the evening with Austrian wine.

.Blauer Zweigelt-Red
Gruner Veltliner-White

The table was set and looked quite autumnish and hopefully Austrian.


Each place setting had the Austrian menu by the plate. No guess work in what we were eating.

Those copper bowls were just perfect for the squash soup, our starter for the evening.




And the rest of the meal……….drum roll please….

The entrée is breaded pork chop. The veggies I think you can figure out.

The dessert was chocolate chip pumpkin cake topped with vanilla ice crème.

It disappeared before I got a picture. Sorry.

One guest commented that this was the best international dinner so far.

I would have to agree that it was a perfect evening.

The ccombination of dear friends who had missed each other, the autumn evening and the good food made it an evening we would remember for a long time.






A quietly observed Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day observances come in many different packages. There are parades with bands playing patriotic songs. Some will visit cemeteries and place flags on the graves of veterans.

 There are swimming pool parties and backyard BBQ’s as Memorial day usually marks the beginning of summer.. Any holiday comes with  traditional  food.

 In the south, hash seems to be the choice for all patriotic holidays; Around Memorial Day and Fourth of July, it’s not uncommon for lodges, churches etc. to prepare hash and sell it as a fundraiser. You know you’re patriotic when hash eating is part of the holiday festivities.


It is a quiet observation for us this year. We solemnly say thank you to those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. We will be travelling on Memorial  day, back to the cottage, after an appreciated extra day at the main house.


The mister got in a few hours of golfing and I got to do some shopping. We both enjoyed our Saturday. And later on in the evening, we had a relaxing dinner with friends.

Its was a wonderful home cooked meal of Pot Roast, potatoes, and carrots. Desert was Chocolate cake. And I wasn’t doing the cooking. Thanks, Linda! 

Sunday while the hubby was watching the little race  ( Indy 500) I caught up on a few chores.


Every day we enjoy the blessings of living in

our great country. Those blessings came to us at a high cost.

Today we stop and spend some quality time in solemn remembrance

for the men and women who gave everything so that we could be free.