A Hallmark Christmas

Sipping hot chocolate, a Christmas tree with twinkling lights and a Hallmark Holiday Movie;

That combination, my friend, is my idea of a cozy December evening. And if it’s cold enough for a fire in the fireplace……perfection.




I can’t remember a time when there weren’t Hallmark Christmas movies.

Kudos to Hallmark for their commitment to broadcast family movies focusing on rekindling  our holiday spirit.



This season there are 19 new Hallmark films and I’m watching and taping all of them.

Most are sweet, predictable and come with Happy Endings………. exactly what I’m looking for when I tune in.



If I could only watch one Hallmark movie this season, I would choose…………..drum roll…..

And the winner is “Journey back to Christmas.”


“Journey Back to Christmas” centers around a time traveler who needs to find a way back to Christmas 1945.

The film’s star, Candace Cameron Bure, is excellent. There are a few loose ends and details that don’t add up, but overall a good movie.

As always………there IS a happy ending.


I use the background of previously shown movies to decorate by.

Nothing gets me in a decorating mood like a Hallmark movie.










Thankfully, this week has been absent of green lizard and relatives at the Cottage on Greene.

My attention has been on adding finishing touches of Christmas , working on handmade Christmas gifts and getting the guest bedroom together.

The guest bedroom has been a neglected part of the house. As there have been no guests, no problem.

I expect that to change in the coming year.

Pictures later.








Excuse me while I warm up the hot chocolate and turn on the Christmas lights. My Hallmark awaits!


Monday Morning….the unthinkable.

Monday, the jump off day for the rest of the week.  Monday……It can set the tone for the rest of the week.

This past Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving, two large storage boxes of Christmas berries, boughs and bows and balls……..awaiting to find their place for the season.

Like a kid on Christmas morn, eagerly the lids come off spilling the white, the gold, the green, the red.



Every room adorned with touches of Christmas and more.

It’s a process to find where everything fits and looks like it belong.

Items are moved from one side of the room to another and sometimes to a different room.


And lest it seems perfect and the morning free of problems…………


I’m two hours in……making bows. attaching lights to green garland, doing and redoing the dining room table

when the unthinkable happens.



Twas the night before Monday, the green door wreath with a battery operated lamp, was brought indoors for the night.

It sat in the dark living room until the next morn, Monday morn. 

I notice the wreath and think…… does it need to go back outside on the glass door or between the wood door and storm door.

Trying it both ways, I find it would not fit between the doors and place it back out on the glass door. That issue solved,

my attention goes back to the dining room. It’s not coming together quickly.

Leaving the dining room, going into the kitchen, I have this odd sense that I’m not walking alone.

I begin shaking my head, brushing my shoulders, and see something drop on the tile floor.

It’s green with a tail, it’s a ………gulp……………lizard.   I scream to an otherwise empty house and stomp my feet. Green lizard must have been hiding in the wreath.

Lizard scurries into a lower cabinet.  I’m not going in after it. I do not have a plan.

Christmas decorating comes to a complete halt, Monday morn……the day when so much was going to be accomplished.

A while later, I’m on the phone with my sis and what to my wandering eyes appear……….on the kitchen window sill…….he’s here.

Now I’m mad at green lizard….really mad.

How dare green lizard take control of my Monday.

With my back up protection on the phone talking me through, I slowly open the back door. With a quick sweep of the broom, reluctant green lizard is off the window sill out the door.

The slamming of the door………green lizard you’re not welcome here.

Gathering the remaining berries , boughs, balls, and bows…… I seized the moment before it goes.













The hanging of the greens, is now complete at the Cottage on Greene.











It’s sofa day

There’s a hush of expectation in the living room. For weeks now, the chairs must have notice the big empty space in front of the two windows.


In front of these windows will be the long anticipated sofa, later today. The windows have undergone a change, no blinds and curtain panels for now.

The sofa will bring it all together…Can’t wait, can’t wait.

And now the rest of the story.

Somehow, in the mysteries of blogland, this post was out there in cyber land. 

Sofa Day was actually November 8. It was almost like Christmas in November. Ordering online can be a nail biting experience as you push the button to “order now”. If it’s a big item, such as a sofa, you know you will be stuck with it or pay a ton of money to send it back. This was the biggest risk I had taken in ordering online. It seemed I had no other options, so I bravely said “buy now” and waited a few weeks for the big truck delivery.

Whatever it turned out to be, I was already loving it. I never thought not having a sofa would make the room seem so empty, even with three chairs that had taken up residence in the living room.

When it arrived it was the right color…..check

It was the right size…………………………check

It was plush, as advertised……………………not check….. The sofa is actually firmer than any sofa that I’ve ever had. But, after getting use to it……I like it. It’s much easier to stand after sitting awhile.

Ready to see this check, check, not check sofa???


A little tease……..empty space again with drapes now.


The Sofa!!!!








And that, my friends, is the Sofa Day story, lost in space, but now found it’s way back to the blog.

And that is the last of the major furniture searching for the cottage on Greene. Hurray!