My first Blog

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January 2013. A new year, a new month, a new day to reinvent your life. While there are situations, and/or people in our lives we can’t change, we can change our outlook, our hobbies and how we choose to spend the 24 hours a day we all are given. I encourage myself to find a challenge and to live outside my comfort zone. Voila  …..  a blog is born. 

Thank you for stopping by as I begin my 2013 challenge.  After visiting many beautiful and informative decorating blogs, the first challenge is to ignore the intimidation I feel and to forge ahead. Here I am world..The only person I know how to be is me.  I am looking forward to engaging in topics I am so familar with and to share ideas and projects I have conquered. 

I have great respect for all designers and decorators. We have unique talents, gifts and our way of doing things.  However, there is always something to learn and someone else could have a better way.  My decorating style has evolved over the years into ” I like a little bit of everything” that is tastefully done. I suppose this could be classifeid as eclectic or transitional.  I experienced phases where I was in love with this style or that style. I am soooo fickle. I finally realized I am  just hopelessly in love with decorating.  To keep this passionate  love affair going,  I am always changing my surroundings. Love love love makeovers and  especially those done on a shoe string budget. 

As a stager of 10 years,  I adore neutral backgrounds  with colorful accents.   My involvment with realtors and a common goal of helping the homeowner has given me years of satisfaction, not to mention weary bones..        I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes

“Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas.”