My Brown Brick Cottage

I moved into  Brown Brick Cottage 21 years ago. It was adorable looking with it’s charm and character. But looks are so deceiving. Although it had good bones, it has been a work in progress to keep the character alive. Sometimes the charm is just not there for me anymore, I whisper. I wouldn’t want to hurt Brown Brick Cottage’s feeling. .

My brown brick cottage and I have a love/hate relationship. I want it to be something different and it fights me most of the time.  It scream’s “I’m not wired for that or there is no outlet for that.” And it’s favorite is “there is no room for that project in this house.'” Surely it appreciates the TLC I have given it??  Build in the late 1940’s or early 50’s, it had not been renovated in a long, long time when I moved in. Does the color “turquoise” in the kitchen mean anything to anybody?. How about gold “shag” carpeting in the living room?  If only I had some “before” pictures you would see what I mean.

But I was in a hurry to change what I could and taking pictures didn’t enter my mind in 1991.  Since I mentioned the kitchen I will tell you the turquoise appliances were first to go. I could not afford all new appliances which meant I would be painting the remaining ones. The new white refrigerator was delivered, the stainless sink installed and several cans of white epoxy spray paint later, I had an updated kitchen.  The stovetop, oven and dishwasher didn’t seem to mind their new color.  Did I mention the cabinets and walls were pine paneling?   I hired a painter to help paint the entire first floor of the house. I told him to paint everything white and I would change colors later on.  The house had been sitting vacant for 2 years. Brown brick cottage was being brought to life again.

A few years later, I once again  decided an update was needed. This update involved painting the cabinets a sage green, painting the dishwasher stainless and buying a new wall oven.The old oven door fell off when I was putting in our Thanksgiving turkey.  I was cooking for the entire family and we have a big family.  We were expecting 25 guests and I couldn’t let a little thing like an oven door change the plans,  The Early Pilgrim’s can do spirit came alive in me. Mr Finely Done found a bungee cord to hold the oven door in place while the turkey cooked. We had a lot be thankful that year as we enjoyed the food and fellowship.

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That small kitchen reno was enought until January 2003. Then came the big, big reno.  The kitchen was moved, from the front of the house to the back part of the house.  A wall  was taken down and now a kitchen replaces a den. At least that’s what they used to be called. Now you would call it a family room.  I have maple cabinets and granite countertops. Yipee.  After tackling the demolition with Mr. Finely Done, we were ready for the contractor. Three months and thousands of dollars later, we were enjoying our new kitchen in Brown Brick Cottage.  Fast forward ten years. We are still enjoying our “new” kitchen, but something in my blood urges me to think about an update. Don’t tell Mr. Finely Done. He doesn’t share my enthusiam for renovations.


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updated kitchen

updated kitchen

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