The Gathering Table

The  Gathering Table is near the kitchen and has given  many warm memories of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays and other family meals. It’s sole purpose is to give a place to celebrate something wonderful. Our family is known for looking for something to celebrate. We use the Gathering Table, along with the Dining Room table  for our  extended family and friends get- togethers. Any other time you will find Mr. Finely Done and I eating our meals at the large kitchen bar.

One of the neat features about the Gathering Table is  the two sides that can fold up out of the way when the table is not being used.


flags chair toppers tablescape and biking 017


The Gathering Table below dressed up for Christmas before the family arrives.



After the red and green is put away,  the Gathering Table becomes a place for me to bring nature inside.

One of our favorite ways to exercise is hiking. When I’m hiking, I forget I need to move faster to burn more calories.

Instead, I stop to gather acorns, leaves, pine cones, nuts or even twigs. The master designer and decorator above has provided endless and timeless beauty that is nothing short of awesome and magnificent.  I never get tired of it. I want to bring it all indoors with me. I can always find a place for it.


Doesn’t the table look wonderful all decked out with dried Magnolia leaves, dried pods and even a few twigs? The chair toppers add warmth and are so easy to make.

Gathering Table 011            Gathering Table 008

The January Gathering Table ready for a winter  celebration.












Holiday Flags

My obsession with holiday flags to display outside Brown Brick  Cottage has resulted in a delimma during special holiday seasons.  Nothing says welcome to a particular season like flying a holiday flag.  Even when there’s no special holiday, a state flag, U.S. flag or a seasonal flag can be seen flying beside the side door. A few years back we replaced an old lamp post in front of the house with a new one that has a bar at the top for a garden flag. So now I have to match the small front flag with the large flag at the side door.

When we travel, Mr. Finely Done and  I are always on the lookout for new flags.  Sometimes our souvenir of a place will be a flag. Also there is a nearby shop that I can always count on to have many choices in flags.  I have a plastic bin in the basement full of flags. My delimma is sometimes I have too many choices.

As I was decorating for Valentine’s Day,  I went to the basement to  find a flag. I found 3 choices. In the end my decision was made simply because I could find only one flag that had a match……………HAPPY VALENTINE’S  SEASON!

flags chair toppers tablescape and biking 007

Gathering Table 002



Very rare snowfall after I put up the Valentine’s Day flag a couple of winter’s ago,


snow pics 045