” A few little things”

I found a few budget- friendly items while shopping this week. These items will be used to complete miscellaneous projects around the house..chair projects etc 008

I am so happy when my treasure hunts are  successful and I can make progress in my ongoing list.  I shopped for a picture frame for my recently finished watercolor. The purchased ready-made frame is 18×24 and costed $25 after discount.

Little things 010

A glue disc was needed for  hanging a plate and that will finish the display for now.


Little things 003



Little things 004


Also I got  burlap material to make throw pillows.

Little things 007

A $3 metal box and silk flowers will brighten a little corner of the kitchen.


Little things 001

Little things 002

chair projects etc 018

I bought 3 of these little wodden boxes for $6.They can be used to hold flowers, herbs or decorative items for the appropiate season. I’m sure I can find many ways to use them, but first I must give them a weathered look.  I will need to mix up a little paint.

chair projects etc 020

Little things 012

As always, the list continues.  This chair sits patiently waiting to get an update. Perhaps this may be the next project.

chair projects etc 002

Or perhaps this little secretary desk badly in need of an update will be next.

chair projects etc 021

Do you see a glimpse of the Tobacco basket on the right?  A neat find at an antique barn and soon I will find the sweet place for my treasure.



Snow and beachy watercolors

Yes, we had our snow day on Saturday. Well, a typical snow for us. Twenty four hours later and there’s not much evidence of a snowfall.


I enjoyed watching as snow started covering the patio.

Snow, Beach and Art 003

Snow, Beach and Art 005

My snow flake flag.

Snow, Beach and Art 007

Snow, Beach and Art 008Snow, Beach and Art 004

snow on old barn the next day

Snow, Beach and Art 009


We enjoyed our little snow fall. I know we would get tired of it if it was the norm.

As the snow melts aways, my beachy watercolor scenes adorning the walls of our guest bedroom remind me I can get just as excited about summer,.

Snow, Beach and Art 017

Snow, Beach and Art 025

Snow, Beach and Art 026

Snow, Beach and Art 031Snow, Beach and Art 029


Snow, Beach and Art 014

And in the guest bathroom.

Snow, Beach and Art 020

Complete with sand in a glass vase,

Snow, Beach and Art 021


A snow day … maybe

Yesterday was a great day to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Mr Finely Done and I hiked a nearby mountain trail and basked in the sun while getting a dose of exercise. Today it is 30 degrees colder and a prediction of perhaps snow. Husband is excited as this is a rarity for us. I hope he won’t be disappointed, but I am doubtful the snow would hang around given the warm days this week.

In the mean time, I will enjoy pics from February 2010.

snow pics 042


snow pics 041



snow pics 031

snow pics 039snow pics 049snow pics 048snow pics 050snow pics 055 snow pics 029 snow pics 057 snow pics 036

snow pics 046

Have a happy day …..  snow or not!