Tea cups and little girls at heart.

Teacups and chest 068

  I  grew up with 3 sisters and 2 brothers. The brothers were the oldest and the youngest of the six of us. There is only five years between the oldest and the youngest sister. My point in telling you this, is to let you know there were almost daily tea parties among the four girls. We always had a party of four anytime we wanted a tea party. And how we cherished our tea sets. They were always a welcomed gift at Christmas.

A few years ago,while visiting my sister in Minnesota, I noticed she had a collection of tea cups and saucers. None were matching and she had collected them from yard sales or antique shops. It was reminiscence of our childhood when our tea set was always mismatched due to pieces being lost or hidden by our lovable, but pesky older brother.

My sister brought out her tea cups on Saturday morning for us to have our morning coffee, There’s something about china that makes the coffee taste better, especially with a sister you don’t get to see often enough.

It gave me the idea of starting a collection for myself. Since storage is an issue, I have kept my collection to a minimum; eight to be exact. I had more before they were broken by workers replacing the hardwood floor. The vibration cause the china cabinet door to open and a few fell out and were broken beyond repair. I decided then to not look for more, but to enjoy the (8) I have. They are all special to me and I wanted to share them with you.


The first is my “sister cup.”  I named it this because all the sisters have a cup like this to remind us of each other. We all live in different towns and are separated by distance, but not in heart. Teacups and chest 042

The bottom of this beautiful blue cup and saucer is marked St Petersburg Russia.

Teacups and chest 061

This green cup and saucer is from collection Sevres and is Andrea by Sadek.

Teacups and chest 064

Both of these sets are “The Country Roses” from Royal Albert. The bone china was made in England..

Teacups and chest 047


This dainty set is stamped Victoria Austria on the bottom,

Teacups and chest 068

This pink rose bone china cup and saucer was made in England.

Teacups and chest 049


This discontinued collection is “Mill Stream” and was made in England by Johnson Bros.

Teacups and chest 060

Teacups and chest 054

My teacups waiting for the tea party to begin. : )

Teacups and chest 076