It is better to give than receive

Receiving gifts is something we all enjoy. But on the other hand, the warm glow that follows giving can be more enjoyable.

Have you ever been excited about giving a gift you created, but then wonder if it will disappoint the recipitent of the gift?

I have worked hard on a watercolor painting for an extended family member. His birthday is next month and I am anxious to give it to him.

Several months ago he sent me pictures of an old dilapidated house. It was actually the home where he lived as a child with his brothers and sisters, all 10 of them, and his mom and dad.

This picture of this old house became a watercolor painting project for the last few weeks. As you can tell by the picture, I had to use my imagination to make the house into the home he remembers.


k darby5

This is my interpretation of “The Darby Home”

Ken's home 001

I will have it framed and give it to him soon.  I am so excited.