I want it ….. but what do I do with it?

How many times have I bought a dress or other apparel that I just had to have?. When I got it home, I didn’t know what to do with it. Either the color was off or it was the wrong size or it I just fell out of love with it,  If I couldn’t return it, it hung in the closet a respectable amount of time before winding up in a box for Goodwill,

This carried over into shopping for items for the home. I went through a phase of buying comforters that always looked fantastic on the bed in the store, however when I got them home most of them were just another disappointment. Remember when the regal color for comforters was dull red with gold? Didn’t work. Once I order a full set of Black and white toile bedding with drapes to match. Mr. Finely Done took one look and said absolutely not. It was too busy. That is just 2 of many that rested on the bed for a brief amount of time,

Now the only comforter I use is a white down comforter, Imagine that.

The toile hasn’t made it to Goodwill. I tucked it all in a plastic storage box. I hope one day I can use it. I can’t use it in the guest room now because there are twin beds in there and the comforter is queen size. Maybe one day, we will buy a house with two guest rooms and the toile will come out again.  I’m dreaming.

After all that, this post isn’t really about comforters or dresses. I took the long way around to tell you about the Tobacco basket I had to have.

We found it in an antique mall in another state. The basket was sitting out back of the shop on a cold. cold day. Mr Finely Done found it. It was very cheap and needed a little TLC. And I had to have it.

I couldn’t wait to put a little stain on it and get it hung. I had the perfect spot for it or did I?

After staining, shellacking and drying, the 40″ by 40″ basket was ready to hang.

before staining

before staining


adding the stain

adding the stain





I wanted it to be visible so that anyone who walked in the house would not miss seeing it. I decided over the sofa in the living room would be the perfect place. I enlisted Mr. Finely Done’s help to hang my favorite new treasure. Did I mention the wall over the sofa is not drywall but plaster. Before hanging anything on these walls, I want to be sure the anchors are exactly where they need to be. The plaster will crumble and leave a hole in the wall when the anchor is removed. I don’t like to put any unneccessary holes in the wall. I was so sure over the sofa was perfect. You know where I’m going don’t you?  The brown basket blended in too well with the beige walls and ivory woven sofa.. Did not work at all. I left it there and did not want to admit to hubby that the basket needed to be moved. After a week or so, I finally got the courage and told him I needed his help once again to move the heavy basket to the family room. As usual, he was happy to oblige.

It looks like it was made for this wall. (for now)

Tobacco basket and family room 006


Tobacco basket and family room 005

Tobacco basket and family room 003

Tobacco basket and family room 001Tobacco basket and family room 014Tobacco basket and family room 012Tobacco basket and family room 010