Easter 2013

The  sightings of Easter.

Easter decor and pic for sale 021

Colorful eggs adorning the gate.


Easter decor and pic for sale 019

 Mr. Bunny standing guard while overseeing the festivities.

Easter 2013 006

Yellow tulips on table with spring green all around.

Easter 2013 007

White eggs in a bucket near a fashionably dress bunny.

Easter 2013 008


 Colored eggs resting in a garden container.

Easter 2013 015


Easter 2013 009

Covering the table in spring time array.

Easter 2013 010

Display of  eggs in beautiful white cups.

Easter 2013 011

Easter 2013 013

Time for the egg hunt.?

Easter 2013 018




Easter 2013 019Easter 2013 020Easter 2013 021Easter 2013 022Easter 2013 023 Easter 2013 024Easter 2013 027Easter 2013 028Easter 2013 029


Easter decor and pic for sale 025


A special delivery chocolate bunny wearing a gold coat sitting in a green Easter egg . This gift was transported by a wonderful friend all the way from Delaware to SC.  Indeed a special friend!

Easter 2013 061


Easter 2013 060





Easter- a day of relection of the promise and strength that the simple word carries.

Easter- a day of hope and new birth in a time that seems hopeless.