Good – bye thirty days of April

April 2013 in review

  •  Birthday celebrations for many special friends and family members,  April was my Mom’s birth month. Although she is not with us, her birthday will remain in our hearts. We celebrated my sweet daugher’s birthday the last week of April. My sister, my brother, my granddaughter all have birthdays in April.  My “gold friend” and her husband both have April birthdays. And the last day of April is the birthday of another friend. Oh April thank you for giving me reason to celebrate your thirty short but sweet days.


Chairs and flowers and car show 049 Melting pot and Caesars head hike 014   april misc 048


  • Planned family reunion around the rainy days of April. We moved the event indoors on the last Sunday of April and had a wonderful time with four generations of family and friends in attendance. All those determined to brave the rain to be there were rewarded with fun, good food, loving fellowship and a little music by my daughter and me.

april misc 061 april misc 062  april misc 059 april misc 076 april misc 094 april misc 097


april misc 053 april misc 084


  • We travelled to a nearby town to show support to my brother in law’s latest passion. His recently restored 68 Mustang was part of a classic and antique car show. How proud he is and appreciated friends and family being there.



  • Worked on watercolor art projects that will be entered in an art show in May and also illustration for Mr. Finely Done’s upcoming book. Illustration below.

april misc 032


  • With the help of Mr. Finely Done, four rooms were painted as part of my spring cleaning project.(dining room below)

Chairs and flowers and car show 002


  • Traded cars. That is a biggie for me. It is something not done often and I stress over whether I made the right choice.  I have had the car over a week now, and still not sure.   I am such a” second guess yourself” girl.

April 2013 004


Goodbye April and thanks for the memories!






Yum Yum …… Toasted Cashews

Pour olive oil into the saute pan.  Tilt the pan to spread out the oil over the surface of the  pan.

Heat the oil over medium to medium-high heat.

Add the cashews to the heated oil.

Cook the cashews for one to two minutes while constantly  stirring.

Remove the toasted, golden brown cashews from the pan.

Then brush on the living room wall     WHAAAAAAAT?

Just joking with you   Toasted Cashews is  the new color of my living room walls.

And the walls look just as yummy as the name.

It seems I always love the Behr paint that has a food name. English Toffee was the name my kitchen was painted at one time. When it came time to repaint, English Toffee had been discontinued.  I don’t like when that happns. Want a peek of Toasted Cashews  …  on the walls?

April 29 001

April 29 004

April 29 005

April 29 006

April 29 007

April 29 009

April 29 010

April 29 016

April 29 017

April 29 018

April 29 019



Small town spirit ……………….rocks!

Although I haven’t lived there for many years, I still travel to my small hometown to visit family. It seems there is always a fun event going on. Each year there is a “Festival of Flowers ” event  giving families entertainment galore. It goes on for the entire month of June and includes a horse show, golf tournaments, concerts, classic car show and a whole lot more. Rah, Rah, Rah. Small town spirit at it’s best.

I snapped these photos at the last one. All the displays on Main St.  are made from live plants and flowers. Each topiary is sponsored by a local organization.   Adults and Children alike enjoy the “Safari”  Topiaries..


Clemson Tiger

charleston 2012 182

charleston 2012 183

charleston 2012 171


charleston 2012 179

charleston 2012 174


charleston 2012 173



charleston 2012 180


 charleston 2012 176


charleston 2012 177



Impressive, don’t you agree?