Give your self permission to …………..

Have you given yourself permission to do something lately that goes against your usual habits.

Chairs and flowers and car show 053

Let me clarify  …….I don’t mean anything immoral or illegal. But something you don’t normally do.

Chairs and flowers and car show 054

A guilty pleasure….. an indulgence in a certain food that’s usually off limits?

Put aside doing the laundry………. to read a book!

Chairs and flowers and car show 060

I recently gave myself permission to have a bad hair day and go with it…..

even out in public……. even on a Sunday.

Chairs and flowers and car show 063

I dared to have lunch and walk around town with my blonde, baby fine hair flying in the wind

and an elastic band securing the top. (picture not included)

Chairs and flowers and car show 065

This is a look reserved for the walls of my home and here I was ……..miles from home ….

a city full of people.

Doesn’t sound like much does it?

Chairs and flowers and car show 055

To me it was a big deal.  My vanity doesn’t usually allow me to leave the house

without my crowning glory being curled, combed and sprayed.

Chairs and flowers and car show 057

And guess what? No one pointed and stared, no one snickered. No one called the makeover police.

The makeover dream team was no where around.

It was a glorious day.

Chairs and flowers and car show 051

While I was out, I took  these photos in my yard of the gorgeous flowers of spring

with my blonde, baby fine hair flying in the wind and an elastic band

securing the top, uncurled and unsprayed. (I did use the comb  ……….this time. )



Five things I always find a place for

IDining Room Redo 020 am guilty of changing accessories, drapes, art etc. from room to room on a frequent basis.

I have a storage area in the basement where the items not being used are housed until I bring them out again.

But this momma does have favorites and some of my favs have never seen the basement.

They may be moved from room to room and have a new home, but they will not be banished to that old basement.

Here are 5 favorite  things I always make room for. What about you…  Do you play favorites?

          Dining Room Redo 018

My fav mirror has been with me for many years. At this time it is looking fabulous over the mantle in the Dining Room.



Pic for sale & pics for blog 003                                                Pic for sale & pics for blog 004

My favorite Pottery Barn vase. It has been in every room. It looks wonderful on a table in the hallway at this time.


Pic for sale & pics for blog 005                        Pic for sale & pics for blog 006

This sweet little blue container was found at Ross.  I added the greenery which came from Hobby Lobby. It is right at home in the powder room.


Pic for sale & pics for blog 008                        Pic for sale & pics for blog 007

This tall urn has been used for staging client’s homes. It makes an impressive statement. When not being used for staging, it has a place in my Dining Room.  It has been glazed with antiquing glaze.


Pic for sale & pics for blog 009 Pic for sale & pics for blog 010


This lovely compote came from that exclusive shop called “Goodwill.” I think it was $2. Did it look like this? No

Did I have vision it could look like this? Yes siree.  It was a brown and dirty little piece. I cleaned it up and painted it with Annie Sloan paint.

It has found a place in the Master Bedroom for now. It will always have a place somewhere because of it’s versatility.


Did I say five things?  I really meant six.  I couldn’t leave this priceless item out.

It was given to me by one of my three daughters on Mother’s Day. It moves from place to place in the house and usually is on my desk. It is the smallest of my 5 …I mean 6 things, but it is the biggest in my heart. “Mother your constant love and belief in me have been my inspiration. Thank you for all you are in my life, my mother and my guide.”      Tissue please.


Pic for sale & pics for blog 014                      Pic for sale & pics for blog 015






TIM……………..BER The little tree that couldn’t.

For Twenty years I have looked out my back door during the spring season and saw two Bradford Pear trees covered in beautiful white blooms like the one in the picture.

I know,  I  know. These trees are not getting good reviews from the experts of the bad tree list. However, my trees were far away from the house and have not been a nuisance.


Last fall, one of the trees looked sick, but we decided to give it a chance to recover. This spring the tree tried and tried to produce those beautiful white controversial blossoms and it just couldn’t.

It was gone and alas we  were forced to take action before it fell.

This week the tree busters (cousins to the ghost buster) were here and  the little tree that couldn’t is no more.   : (

Dining Room Redo 001      Dining Room Redo 004

I will missed the little tree that couldn’t ….. because the little tree kept our backyard shenanigans hid from the neighbors behind us. (just kidding)

Dining Room Redo 007



Dining Room Redo 014