She is wealthy who sips a cup of tea with a friend


Let’s face it.  We love our guys and they try really hard to understand us. But I believe they are glad we have our “gal pals” to listen to our concerns. I think the guys want to “fix it” and become frustrated when they say or do the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Recently, a friend texted to schedule a time to have tea and talk. She even said she would bring her own tea. What a friend.   

I have been struggling with feeling down because of various life issues and really missing my mother who passed away two years ago.  My 89 year old dad has health issues that concern the family. And then there are the kids and the grands. And what about this and what about that. Each day seems to bring something that could put a dark cloud in any given day. 

Certainly “my guy” would like to “fix it”.  However, this would be no simple feat even for superman, spiderman or whoever the latest action hero may be.

Sooooo, I excitedly grab my calendar.  Yes, yes yes….. tea with a friend. I’ll talk, she’ll listen. She’ll talk, I’ll listen.  We will sip tea or not.  At the end of our conversations, all will be  right with the world for a little while.

How wonderful is that.   How rich I am.

Happy tea time.

tea 1