Springing into action

Outside today, the high temperature will be in the 40’s with cold, wind, and rain. And I live in the “Sunny South?”

Spring time activities usually involve planting colorful annuals in the yard or in outside pots. So far, the weather has put a halt to that thinking.

Petunias - Priscilla

Impatiens Red SunPatiens® Annual Plant


While I’m dreaming of better spring weather, I need to get my mind on taking care of indoor projects.. What shall it be?  I need to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

The projects that have been on my mind lately are..

1.Repaint the family room which would involve painting the breakfast room since they are in the same space?.  nah….  I would have to go out in the rain to get paint.

2. Reorganize the closet in the guest room, which I am now using to store my sewing and crafts?  nope don’t want to do that. I have no place to move things to. Need a plan first.

3. Tweeking the accessories in the living room since I have put away the Easter decor?. No..  I don’t want to think that hard today.

4. The clock?..   I think that will be it.  I want to add some paint to the clock to brighten it. That may not seem like much of an accomplishment, but I will not have spent the day watching the rain and wishing I could be outdoors.

The clock is nice ……. as is ……. I’m thinking a lighter brighter look will be perfect for a coastal look in the family room. I will be changing other accessories in the room later.


clock project 003

a little chalk paint  and a little effort and here you go.

clock project 016

clock project 018

clock project 019

clock project 022

clock project2 004

clock project 2 001

clock project 2 002

 These ships from another room go well with the clock.

That didn’t take long. Maybe I can start on that closet after all……..   Just kidding…