TIM……………..BER The little tree that couldn’t.

For Twenty years I have looked out my back door during the spring season and saw two Bradford Pear trees covered in beautiful white blooms like the one in the picture.

I know,  I  know. These trees are not getting good reviews from the experts of the bad tree list. However, my trees were far away from the house and have not been a nuisance.


Last fall, one of the trees looked sick, but we decided to give it a chance to recover. This spring the tree tried and tried to produce those beautiful white controversial blossoms and it just couldn’t.

It was gone and alas we  were forced to take action before it fell.

This week the tree busters (cousins to the ghost buster) were here and  the little tree that couldn’t is no more.   : (

Dining Room Redo 001      Dining Room Redo 004

I will missed the little tree that couldn’t ….. because the little tree kept our backyard shenanigans hid from the neighbors behind us. (just kidding)

Dining Room Redo 007



Dining Room Redo 014