Finely Done …….NOT

 I recently decided my old Butler’s coffee table needed a make-over.

It seemed a bit scratched up and the dark color did not fit in with the new light and bright mood I was going for in the living room.

If my little table could talk …. lil table may have said.. can I get a second opinion? Don’t touch me until you do.

lil table at Easter

lil table at Easter


But since lil table seem to be ok with my plan, I forged ahead.



This is the before picture of the table ready for it’s punishment, I mean make over.


Was it really all that bad?

april misc 007

After a little paint and a lot of sanding………….

coffee table 001 coffee table 002 coffee table 003

This was not the make over I had in mind.

What was I thinking????

What a mess!!

With no time to go for paint and with dinner guests coming over, I did what I could to hide the elephant in the room. Grab a piece of burlap what else?

Lil table look like this for a few days.

coffee table 008   coffee table 009

Stay tuned for further details concerning the plight of lil table. ( went shopping today for AS supplies)