The Cool Mom

Motherhood is jokingly referred to as a thankless job.

(and many times not jokingly)

What kid hasn’t wished they had the Cool Mom?

You know,  like the one they see on TV or the Mom one of their friends has.

A cool mom is “still with it’ in fashion and style”

A cool mom  doesn’t enforce any rules or discipline.

A cool mom always says yes to the kid’s request.



Hopefully, our idea of  a Cool Mom changes as we grow and start to make our own way in the world.

When we take a hard look we see

A Cool Mom  is the one who

wants a better life for her children  than she had and sacrifices to make that happen

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A Cool Mom wants her child to be a good person. She enforces the rules to develop

character and respect.

She knows the word “No” and isn’t afraid to use it in her child’s best interest.

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A Cool Mom is clear about expectations and holds her child accountable.

A Cool Mom models good character in the home.

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She models and teaches good manners  and etiquette. Good Manners are important to a Cool Mom.

A Cool Mom knows her child doesn’t need another buddy, but needs a parent desperately.

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A Cool Mom refuses to cover or make excuses for their child’s inappropiate behavior.

A Cool Mom reads to her children and provides access to good books and literature.

The Cool Mom provides a spiritual base that will predetermine their actions when faced with questions of life.

They know ahead of time what their response should be when they are tempted to make  bad choices.

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A Cool Mom places as much value on a handpicked flower from her child as she  would a million roses.

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A Cool Mom cheers for her child when the cheering squad has left the building

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A Cool Mom still beieves you can get your life back on track when you have made a big, big, mess;

from spilling milk and cereal to getting involved in relationships that produce negative results.

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A Cool Mom isn’t perfect, but her heart is always with her children and her concern for their well being.

A Cool Mom doesn’t have to be famous but she is a *** Rock Star*** to her children that finlly really see her.

If you are fortunate to have a Cool Mom, let her know it.

I love you Mom.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the “Cool Moms”  in my family pictured in this post.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the “Cool Moms” everywhere!

Happy Mother's Day floral design