Walnut Grove Plantation

On a recent beautiful, spring day, Mr. Finely Done and I grabbed our cameras and set out to seize the moment.

Exploring and taking pictures of a not so far away historic Plantation, would make a perfect day trip. And because it was a weekday, we would avoid the crowd  and could take our time. I don’t know if there are crowds, but it sounds good.

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Although his camera is much more sophisticated and he is a much better photographer, my old point and shoot doesn’t do a bad job. I like simplicity and don’t feel the need  to crowd my brain with knowledge involving all those settings and lenses to get the perfect picture. Confession, I do find myself envying the expertise of others when I see photos that blow me away with the perfect lighting and timing etc.

Sigh…  Ok enought about my lack of camera skills.. This post is about Walnut Grove Plantation.

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Walnut Grove is a fascinating place to visit because of the history. It dates way back to before there was a United States and  survived to tell about it.

Ten children were raised in the modest farmhouse.

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Brief  facts about Walnut Grove as provided by the National Register.

  • 1763 – Earliest known date of existence. Charles Moore received a grant for 550 acres along the Tyger River by King George III. He later received additional grants bringing his total acreage to about 3,000.
  •  1765 – Charles Moore built a house on the property.Charles and his wife Mary raised their ten children on the plantation.
  • 1767 – Margaret Kathryn Moore (Kate), the first child of Charles and Mary Moore, married General Andrew Barry at the age of 15. During the Revolutionary War Kate helped her husband by spying on Tory troops, chasing them away from her home, and gathering men to help her husband fight. She was considered quite a heroine.
  • 1770 – Charles Moore built a school building and operated the first school in Spartanburg County. Rocky Spring Academy was open until 1850.
  • 1961 – The house, along with eight acres, was given to the Spartanburg County Foundation in a special trust  with the Spartanburg County Historical Association as the sponsor for the trust.  Up to this time, descendants of Charles and Mary Moore had owned the house and property.


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Door in Master Bedroom.  The patina is gorgeous.

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Kitchen building

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Doctor’s quarter’s.  Son of the plantation owner was first educated doctor in the area.

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Inside of school building

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 The professional photographer

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Lastly, but not least…. the family burying ground


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