A Cottage on the Square (part 2)

Happy Friday!!

 It might seem I have been AWOL all week. It was planned, but I didn’t post about it pre AWOL. Although I was away, I was on leave.

Las Vegas was the destination and not for the usual reasons. The trip had a purpose other than to get away for a change of scenery. I will post about the trip later and all the excitement concerning the reason to be in Las Vegas.

For now I will continue the tour of the All American Cottage.It is beginning to be a distant memory, so here we go.

 Part One covered the foyer, office/study, kitchen dining room and living room.

The Master bedroom is on the first level and we will start there.

model home 041


A bank of windows face the beautifully landscaped back yard. The windows really bring the outdoors into the serene and relaxing bedroom.


model home 043

Interesting choice of night tables; two antique Singer sewing machines.

model home 044

The screen behind the chair is door panels hinged together and aged beautifully.

model home 042

I do not care for the headboard for this room. Although it is a lovely headboard,  one that coordinates with the wooden screen behind the chair would be better, in my opinion.

 model home 047

This would have not been my choice of artwork for this room either.

I would have liked  something organic looking or a landscape. Either of these would  have continued the serene look of nature seen from the windows.

This mirror in the bedroom seemed to disrupt the hinted calmness of  the bedroom.

model home 046

Master Bath

model home 033

Master Bath

A crowd of people in such a small area prevented me from getting many pictures of the bathroom.  The room wasn’t overly large which is perfect for a cottage home.  The decor wasn’t cordintated with the master bedroom. Maybe it’s just me, but I like the feel of the two rooms to be a continuation of  each other, just  different function.

model home 039

Laundry Room

The washer and dryer was not set up, but I took pictures of the wall decor.

model home 105

model home 106

Part 3 coming soon will be the conclusion of the tour.