Dad’s Kitchen makeover

As far back as I can remember,  Dad worked along side 

 Mom in the kitchen.

Together they would cook for our family of eight.

After all of us left home, it was still Dad and Mom cooking

together for the two of them.


Mom and Dad 2

Now that Dad is alone, he still enjoys cooking  some of his meals. 

For Father’s Day, children and  grandchildren

chipped in $$$ to replace Dad’s old linoleum floor.








  So thankful this shade of green is no longer available…





After the floor was replaced …. you guessed it …  the walls

and cabinets needed painting and one thing led to another

and before we knew it, our modest Dad had a kitchen





The walls are now Toasted Cashew ….. Behr paint from Home Depot



brown wood cabinet will be painted white.





 He was without a stove for two weeks.

His first meal in his new kitchen ?  …. scrambled eggs

for breakfast.

Bon appetit Dad.




We hope Dad will enjoy his new kitchen for years to come. 






Good Times……………….

 We did it!

Our mission  …. Only a few days to pack in a whole month’s full of fun.

Entertainment to the max!! Whew! Took me awhile to catch my breath again.

Good times are better when shared!


Charleston jeff 001


Early start to day 2…


Charleston jeff 004

                                                                                                                Daddy’s girl!

Charleston jeff 005

Dunkin Donuts stop


Charleston jeff 015

Charleston jeff 018

                                                                Day 2…  Fun at the Beach


Charleston jeff 033


Charleston jeff 034

                                Day 3 ……Shopping, dining and exploring Charleston


Charleston jeff 046



Charleston jeff 063

Day 4 ………Family basketball, a baseball game and a fireworks show.

Charleston jeff 061



Charleston jeff 101

Charleston jeff 106

                                                       Day 5…………. Festival to attend, historic college to tour,


Charleston jeff 122

       Charleston jeff 134

food to eat, thrilling air show to watch,


Charleston jeff 140

Charleston jeff 144

funny planes on exhibit and sweet dogs to pet.


Charleston jeff 160

  Charleston jeff 150

topiaries  to admire, flowers galore


Charleston jeff 156

Charleston jeff 157

Bluegrass music to hear

Was all that just one day?


Charleston jeff 174

                                                                                 Beef Jerkey at the pool        

         Charleston jeff 172

                                                          Day 6 Cooling off at the pool.


Charleston jeff 178

Charleston jeff 180

Happy Birthday Braiden ……..  enjoying watermelon


Charleston jeff 197

Charleston jeff 198

Charleston jeff 200


   Charleston jeff 186

Enjoyed every moment spend with some of my favorite family members.

Sharing the adventures was a blast.

These annual visits go by too fast…




Curb Appeal


Curb appeal

……… when you drive by a house and the outside is so appealing that


………..the urge to knock on the door and go inside is overwhelming  …  honey that’s curb appeal.


Curb Appeal is so  critical to the first impression potential home buyers

will have of your home.

That  old saying rings true for our homes,

“you only have one chance to make a good first impression.”


Me and my new camera took a tour of nearby neighborhoods.

Pictures of homes  with good curb appeal and a few  with not so much.

First pictures 107

Over all very good curb appeal.  Cutting back the bushes and trimming the tree will showcase the house even better.

After all the rain we have had lately, it has not been easy to keep everything trimmed.

First pictures 109

As you can see, lawn trimming  and sidewalk edging would greatly improve this property.

A pop of color on the door and colorful pots of flowers on each side of door would put it toward a good first impression.

First pictures 131

What a cozy cottage……………….. complete with a white picket fence. Lots of curb appeal.

First pictures 152

Front porches are good selling features. Too much clutter can eat up valuable space making the porch seem smaller.

First pictures 143

 Paint colors are wonderful. Some might prefer a brighter door, perhaps red to stand out. But the black door is nice and easily painted.

First pictures 145

Love this front porch on this lovely brick home. The white trim framing the southern porch gives a very inviting look. That is a sipping ice tea ….with a friend ……on a hot summer day, kind of porch.


First pictures 119


Other than a trim job on some of the shrubs and trees around the door, this house is picture perfect.


First pictures 150


This is a corner house and has a very inviting side entrance.  I was hoping that I would get an invitation to see the inside,  but no one was outdoors. (like they really would invite a total stranger in) . I know I have an honest face, but still…..an invitation inside, seriously?  The  wrought iron fence around the property with a  front gate into the courtyard reminds me of so many of the homes in Charleston SC.


First pictures 156

  Nice curb appeal!!


First pictures 139

Beautiful landscaping!