A week of ……. Fluffing

I know you have miss me this week!  …. Right? ….

The kind answer would be “of course we have.”

“What have you been up to?”   you asked.

Thanks for asking.

And the answer is……….  Fluffing the house.

You know fluffing!

The definition according to the Internet dictionary (and it’s always right) is to make something appear fuller and softer, typically by shaking or brushing it. Example : “I fluffed up the pillows”.


My definition of fluffing  is……. to move furniture, scrub 3 bathrooms, steam hardwood floors, mop, vacuum, complete 3 of 99 projects in progress, wash loads of bed linen and towels, rearrange all accessories in every room, hang drapes (made with sheets)paint a wall or two etc. etc. etc.

“Why am I fluffing?”  you asked. Again thanks for asking.  I  am happy to tell you …… I have ( 5) house guests coming soon.. Soon as in next Tuesday. They will be with us for a week or so. The neat part is three of these  are all the same age. The triplets are in their early teens. They look forward to visiting their roots in the south once a year. We always have a blast!!

They are so easy to entertain and a joy to hang out with. I will have tons of pictures to share about their visit..   And that leads me to show you something else exciting about this week.


Our  anniversary is next Monday. Mr. Finely Done tried to surprise me with a special gift.  Only thing was, I didn’t let him out of my sight that day and went shopping with him for this ……….. drum roll please………Ta DaLarger Front

Our 13th anniversary is starting out to be  lucky 13.

Expect very professional pictures soon…..  “right” you say.

Okay, maybe not that soon.

But I am excited to start the journey to be a better photographer with stunning photos to share with all of you.


And now some parting shots of fluffing results with my tiny Canon Power shots that has  8.0 mega pixels.

She gave a good run….. but her  time has come.











fluffing 2 002








Yes, that’s a plug in ………. a staple when “fluffing”.

Happy Friday!









The Simple ……door panels

Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.”   Henry David Thoreau.

Fussy window or door coverings, although beautiful ….. not me.


I am  a… light coming in and  unobstructed views of nature .. kind of girl.

The below pictures were taken on a Southern rainy day without door panels.





door panels 020



But………. for privacy reasons and relief from hot sun or cold wind….  coverings are sometimes necessary.


Joining the recent canvas drop cloth craze,

I made simple roll up coverings for three French doors in the breakfast room.

They give me both …  privacy when needed and light when desired.


Don’t we love it when we can have it all!!

This can be a sew or non sew project.

Because my sewing machine has been gathering dust from non use,

I brought it out for this project. Maybe next time I will use the iron on fusing.

It was simple enough to do again.

Items needed for this project

  • canvas drop cloths

  • sewing machine or iron on fusing

  • ropes, ribbons or ties ..  4  for each door .. 15 ” for each tie

  • Velcro. One package for each door


  • Step 1.  Measure window section of door, the part to be covered and add enough for hemming edges and a fold down flap at the top.  I added 4 1/2 inches for the flap. I only added 1/2 inch for the hems.  My measures ….   24″ x 71″

  • Step 2. Measure and cut canvas painter’s drop cloth. I bought 2 at Lowe’s for around $14 each.

  • Step 3. Hem edges using fusing or sewing machine.

  • Step 4. After makeing a 1/2 hem at top, fold again to make a 4 ” hem using machine or fusing.

  • Step 5  After heming, fold toward you to make flap door panels 033


    • Step 6. Attach ropes, ribbons or ties. I used rope. Attach 2 ropes in front of flap …each  6″ from edge of panel and 2 ropes behind the panel.door panels 023

  • Step 7. Attach velcro to  door above window part on door  and back of panel. Hang panel.

door panels 025



door panels 040



door panels 034

To let the outdoors in, roll up and tie.

The drop cloth canvas door panels are a great casual summer look for me

and simple enough to make a variation for fall and winter.

 Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.  ~Leonardo DaVinci







The Nose Knows

 liznose              Staging and odors

If you’re trying to sell your home, the last thing you want to hear is…………… your house stinks.

A part of a home stager’s duties is to be a good sniffer of bad odors. 

People get used to the odor of their house and may not notice that something is not pleasant. But a potential buyer will notice right away and it will be “goodbye” before there’s even a “hello”.

A stinky house is not an easy sale. 

  Covering odors with sprays, plug ins or the smell of cookies baking  can create even worse smells, when the pleasant meets the not so pleasant smell.

The best way to deal with household odors is to

find the source and fix the problem.


If your home has a lingering smell you can’t seem to get rid, of read on for a few causes and solutions.


  • Pets are one of the most common sources of household odors.  To cut down on pet odors, bathe your pets often and keep litter boxs and bedding material clean.  It’s importatnt to take care of accidents as soon as they happen.
  • Mildew smells are scary. For homes that smell like a basement, this is usually a sign of moisture or a water leak. Use a flashlight to  check  beneath the house or basement and try to determine where the smell is coming from.  Call a plumber to fix whatever is causing the leak. Water in the basement can lead to mold and foul smelling bacteria colonies and should be dealt with as soon as possible
  • Dirty clothes and/or shoes can stink up a house in a hurry. Rather than tossing dirty clothes on the floor where they can stink up the carpet and furnishings, keep them contained inside a closed hamper until it’s time to do the laundry. For garments that can’t be home laundered, don’t wear them more than a few times before sending them out to be dry cleaned. You might not smell the BO on them, but others can. Winter coats and suit jackets that can’t be dry cleaned frequently, should be allowed to air out for a few hours before hanging back in the closet. Before tossing those shoes in the closet, sprinkle a little baking soda inside. Cheaper yet, store those shoes with a crumpled up newspaper inside to absorb the odor.
  • Cigarette smoke is one of the most offensive and one of the most difficult odors to eliminate. It can cling to furnishings, drapes and other window coverings and  work its way inside walls. Some topically applied solutions can help to reduce  the stench, but an ozone generator is more effective. They can be purchased from a few hundred dollars to thousands. Or a restoration professional in your area can take on the challenge.


Happy Smells to you  ….   till we meet again!