Brought to you by…………………. the number 3

More than 3 reasons why I like the Number 3.

Number 3

  • Sometimes 4 seems to be too many and two is not enough. 3 is just right.

  • I gave birth to 3 daughters.(not all at once)

  • 3 is the “go to” number when accessorizing.

  • Earth is the 3rd  planet in the solar system.

  • There are 3 options to the rock, paper and scissors game.

  • There were 3 bears; momma, papa and baby bear.

  • 3 is a do-able number of small projects to do in thirty minutes.


    Let’s go with the last reason for the sake of this post .


    Recently, as I was looking over my stash of stuff in the basement,

    I sensed  some of my stuff glaring back at me, begging for a purpose,

    longing to be pretty and useful.  “sigh”

    What’s a girl to do?    I only had a limited amount of time. I had to choose wisely.


    I did not have time for unruly projects. You know the kind ….  starts out  simple …. in fact you were told it would be simple by those giving the instructions. You were lulled into thinking you would produce a masterpiece in record time.  And  many hours later, your masterpiece has become a mess ter piece.

    I could not deal with defeat today

    Three  candles…….. one clear vase…………. a beige speckled urn ……. and a 12″ by 12″ sheet of aged sheet music?????


    Enough stuff for…. ummm……3 projects ?

    3 projects 002


    3 projects #2 001

    Clock is ticking  …….. 10 minutes on each project. Can I do it?


Project 1.   Three old candles, varying heights, and  craft sheet music paper.

Measure candles and cut paper  sized to wrap around each candle.

(Using a  paper trimmer gives me a much straighter edge than using scissors)

Pssss.   My dark secret  …I can not cut a straight line with scissors.

3 projects 004

3 projects #2 006

After wrapping candle with craft paper, secure with hot glue and tie with a piece of twine.

Finished with time to spare …  I’m rockin now!


Canon Rebel 004


project 2 011




project 2 001


Project 2 ….. Glamorize the beige speckled urn using a can of white spray paint.

3 projects 009


project 2 015


In no time ……………… really …… not kidding at all…..

I am not joking.……….. he he he 

a beautiful centerpiece!!


3 projects 017


3 projects 016


4th of July 2013 032


3 projects 010


Project 3   Change a non- descript clear vase into …… a sophisticated white vase with a clear stripe.

3 projects 006


oops…  long phone call while first coat of paint was drying. Forgot to look at clock.

Sprayed 3 coats total..   Without considering dry time  ? … ten minutes for this project?



blog 001

Stay tuned …..  the number 3 will be appearing again soon on this local blog.   It is a fan favorite!

This post  was brought to you by  …………. the number 3.


Fun in the city

Another rainy day!!!!

Day after a July 4th rainy day.

Two options.

Stay home in anticipations of raindrops coming our way ……

OR…….. grab an umbrella and go have fun in the city with our friends!!!!

That’s what we did!!

July 6, 7 002

With food on our mind (always), we joined a cooking class at the last minute. Thank you Charleston Cooks for making room for us!


The Menu for the day

Bourbon pulled chicken with Peach BBQ Sauce

Spring Vegetable and Carolina Gold Rice Pirlau

and a yum yum dessert

Berry Cobbler with Vanilla Whipped Cream


Why don’t I have pictures of this????

Because I was too busy eating and didn’t think of it….  my bad.

My friend having a little fun after cooking class.

July 6, 7 001



July 6, 7 007


Later in the afternoon, dodging the rain ..  my friend and hubby toasting the day.


July 6, 7 005

Rain in the city


July 6, 7 011

Looking at the river from the bridge ….  a light drizzle at the time

July 6, 7 011