Strawberries, Silver & Wasted Effort

As I was enjoying delicious fresh strawberries and setting the table

with silver décor, my mind started wandering ….. which happens pretty often.

I was thinking about………. wasted effort.

July 24 rebel camera 067

This just happens to be one of my pet peeves. I  wonder if I am alone in my thinking.

Are you like me and believe when you use the formula, you should get the desired results?


July 24 rebel camera 033

I so much want to believe if you put time and effort into a project, the rewards will be what you expected ………or even better than expected.

For instance,  if I make the effort to use a skin care product that promises peaches and cream, I don’t want to see zits and zats.

If I exercise and deprive myself of the foods I crave, I want to see results that tell me I was not wasting my time.

July 24 rebel camera 037

And if I put time and care into a relationship, it should add to, not take away from,  the joy of life.

Yeah, I admit it. I think I can be in control of what happens in my world …… with my efforts.

And that leads me to disappointment plenty of times.


July 24 rebel camera 081















On the brighter side, many will say if you learned from the experience, then  it was not wasted.

I say “ does it take disappointment for me to learn?’  … sigh….


Perhaps it does!!


July 24 rebel camera 077















And that’s what I was thinking  ……. as I was munching on strawberries ….  and arranging the silver.

Then I thought of the efforts of blogging … but I will save that thought for another day.


I would love to hear from you about your thoughts on wasted effort.