5 Life lessons and writing a blog


I’m not aware of any perceived notions I had when I started this blog a few months ago.

I just started ………..which is usually my style………. Just learn as I go.



Not only have I learned more about writing, photography, decorating and the technical aspects of posting

..(with lots more to learn)…. I have learned more about myself. 


Many bloggers have stated blogging is a lot like journaling only with others reading what would be your private thoughts.




My random thoughts about the similarities of life and blogging.


  • It takes conscious effort along with a strong desire to be better…………

          Setting goals and celebrating when you reached them keeps you motivated.




  • There will always be others that seem wittier,  craftier, smarter and  more successful….

           It doesn’t take anything away from your talents and abilities.




  • There will always be obstacles to overcome ……. shake off self pity and ask for help if needed.




  • Not everyone will like you or understand you…. but some will.

         Focus on those who encourage and cheer you on.




  • You will not be perfect, but you can be persistent. Don’t let your perfectionism paralyze you     

          and don’t spend too much time lamenting over mistakes. Forgive yourself and move on.



Thanks to all who take the time to read my posts and comment. I appreciate the encouragement.


Photography for this post by Donald G. Williams











Rhyming, Rainy Saturday


Jackets were needed……. to take off the chill

umbrellas along …………… prepared for cloud’s spills


Ahead to the book sale…….. in spite of the rain

books galore waiting ………. some calling my name



dress shopping and cedar falls 037



dress shopping and cedar falls 031


Fiction, non fiction ………………… history, and art,

modern and classic ………………… all make you smart.


dress shopping and cedar falls 035

Hard bound or soft cover…. at a cheap price

volunteers on hand …. smiling and nice.

dress shopping and cedar falls 039


selections  made …….. not easily I say

browsing  books………… on a cold and  wet day


dress shopping and cedar falls 033


The cashiers await ……….. money for a good cause


dress shopping and cedar falls 051



really cheap, good books ……………..a win win for all










Do right because it is right …………….and Mr. Higgins

Back to school sales, back to school clothes,  back to school lists, back to school shots, back to school supplies.




What time is it?        It’s ……………………………………………


“Back to School Time.”


My school days are way behind me. ………. “ sigh”


However, memories of those days are still very much  “ in the now” for me when I think of back to school time.


One of the most memorable thoughts of seventh grade, involve the only male teacher I ever had.


When I was in middle school, Mr. Higgins was my homeroom ,  math and English teacher.





He must have been close to retirement age when I was in his class or so it seemed to me. When you’re young, all adults seem ancient don’t they?


Mr. Higgins was a no nonsense teacher, very serious minded and there to do his job to make sure we learned.


Although he was small in stature, even the biggest, toughest boys were no match for Mr. Higgins’s  insistence of classroom orderly conduct.


Both of my parents were hard working, but raising a large family put a strain on their budget.  With medical bills to pay that year for my sister, money was extremely tight.

That school year, I would be taking a sandwich for lunch instead of eating a hot meal in the cafeteria.  And some mornings, I just forgot to even make my sandwich for school.

Unbeknownst to me, Mr. Higgins had noticed that I had not been eating a proper lunch.  A few days into the school year, he took me aside and all he said was “You eat lunch today.” He said nothing else about it that day. Then the next day and the next day he said the same thing until it was just a given. I would be eating lunch everyday at his expense. This was before there were any programs to help those who couldn’t pay for lunch and my parents would have been too proud to apply anyway.




At that time I was embarrassed to be taking a handout from Mr. Higgins.  His motive was pure and simple. He could have turned away and stuck to his duty of teaching, but his heart led him to do what he could for the well being of one of his students.





He taught life lesson’s mingled in with math and English.  His favorite quote and the first time I ever heard it was “Do right because it is right.”

The life lessons he taught  that year have stayed with me and made a lasting impression. Although I moved out of state soon after leaving high school, I remember Mr. Higgins fondly and wonder if I ever thanked him not only for the lunches, but also for what he taught me about how to live  life.

  • It’s never all about you ..  look around … see who needs a kind word, a smile, a meal a helping hand or whatever you can do.
  • be thankful and grateful. Don’t forget to say “thank you” for the kindness others bestow on you.
  • doing the right thing may not be easy, but it’s the right thing to do.




Is there a Mr. Higgins on your list of teachers?     

A  meaningful note of thanks will go a long way to make them feel appreciated.

To quote a teacher “The biggest thing a student can do is to say, thank you.”