Good bye July…….. Hello August

July is now in the books …..  have you seen all the Christmas decorations in the stores already?

Whoa …. don’t even want to think of it.





As previously mentioned, July  was a month with lots of birthdays for me.

Although my birthday giving budget was limited, I don’t think I missed anyone.

I made a really cute wall décor gift  for a friend to hang as a reminder to focus on the positives of life.

She and I talked recently about how easy it is for us to forget to count our blessings.

The project didn’t blow the budget and was simple to make.


Small list of materials I used for this project

1. Picture frame.


2. Burlap


3. Stick on numbers. I found the small ones (2”)at Hobby Lobby and the larger ones 3”)  at Office Max


4. Hot glue


5. A stick- on quote.


6. A thin piece of cardboard or watercolor paper cut a little larger than the glass.


That’s it….


Guess what I forgot to do??? Take pictures as I was putting the project together ….  but it was so simple you will not have a problem. I promise.

First I will show you the finished picture.





I used a white frame that was matted for an 8” x 10” picture.

The burlap should be cut larger then the cardboard or watercolor paper …..which is what I used.

Cover watercolor paper with burlap and hot glue the edges on the back side of paper.

Play with the arrangement of numbers on the burlap before removing the backing. 

Once you decide on the arrangement, peel off the backing and press to the burlap.

Then all that’s left to do is …….frame it. The adhesive quote goes on the outside of the glass.

I think I found this quote at Dollar tree. It was on a sheet  in a pack with other small  quotes.

I just cut off what I wanted to use.


Now here’s the July birthday girl.  Excuse the glare please. Lighting issue as well as point and shoot issue.

It couldn’t be the photographer ….. could it?





Now I have to turn my attention to the August birthdays ….. sigh…


Glad it’s not Christmas shopping time yet. Smile   Counting my Blessings!!!!