Sunflowers , lemons and……emotions?



July 31 rebel 001


As I was happily setting a sunny summer table …….. arranging sunflowers in a clear vase and slicing lemons,

I was thinking of emotions. Arranging sunflowers, humming a happy song and……. thinking of emotions?





Seriously Emotions?  Yep emotions……………………….  sigh.

Emotions are beautiful things!!

They are a big part of what make us human and enable us to feel alive.




July 31 rebel 053


Emotions will lead you on a wild ride if allowed to be in charge.

They keep changing, fickle as they always have been. You really can’t trust them

when making life changing choices.


July 31 rebel 034



Emotions cause us to fall head over heels in love …… then emotions take us on a downward journey

to hate  not love the person or thing we used to love.


July 31 rebel 028


Emotions tell us our happiness depends on a person, new car, a different home with new furnishings.

July 31 rebel 023


When the new wears off, our emotions tell us those things aren’t making us happy anymore.

Then we look for a new toy,new things, new hobbies,  new relationship etc. etc. etc.


July 31 rebel 014


The sooner the better to learn …… don’t always trust  emotions to lead us to the happy place of life.

Perhaps, I’m a slow learner …..  I admit it …. I have let my emotions be my guide and what chaos that created.

Don’t ever trust the phrase  …  “just go with your feelings” ….. at least not until you give careful consideration

…  ahem ………..…. using your head.


July 31 rebel 079


While thoughts can lead emotions to be wild and reckless,  you can give yourself permission to not act

impulsively until you take time to weigh the matter with logical thinking.


July 31 rebel 046


As I’m setting a sunny summer table …… arranging sunflowers in a  clear vase …… slicing lemons and oranges

I’m going to throw caution to the wind …….



July 31 rebel 072


and give myself permission to go with this happy emotion.  Name cards, gingham napkins,

cheerful plates like the sun, lemons and sunflowers………  make me very happy. 

and that’s a good emotion. Smile