CCCC ………The 4 C’s …….of staging a home for resale

 Attention Class….

Today we will discuss important aspects of

preparing a home for resale.



Curb Appeal……….first impressions sooooo count.


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Curb Appeal is the first impression people get of the property when they pull up in front of the house.

A key component of selling a house, and it should be one of the first things done to prepare a home for the market.

Creating curb appeal is a combination of techniques, which include

  • landscaping,
  • lawn care
  • painting
  • cleaning
  • other necessary fixes which create an inviting welcome.


Clean is a must.  The goal is a clean sparkling shiny home with attention to detail.

Windows, floors, carpeting, kitchens, bathrooms and appliances should be squeaky clean!!


Clutter free. Clutter seems to be an issue for most of us. We want our personalities to show as we make a house our home. However, when we want to put our house on the market, the clutter has to go.   De-Cluttering and de-accessorizing rooms is a form of depersonalizing the home as it becomes a product for the public.  That is right…It is no longer a HOME once it is listed.  Many potential buyers are coming and we want them to envision themselves living in this home.


Color of the paint should be neutral. The interior of the home should be freshly painted and neutral in color tones.   Earth tones work well in living rooms and sage green tones look fabulous in family rooms and bedrooms.  Pops of color can be added with throw pillows, vases or art work.  Exterior paint should have no more than 3 neutral colors.    Suggested paint colors for front doors are red, black or dark green.


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Testing time

Which one is not part of the 4 C’s. (no peeking)

a. clean

b. color

c. cute

d. clutter