5 Life lessons and writing a blog


I’m not aware of any perceived notions I had when I started this blog a few months ago.

I just started ………..which is usually my style………. Just learn as I go.



Not only have I learned more about writing, photography, decorating and the technical aspects of posting

..(with lots more to learn)…. I have learned more about myself. 


Many bloggers have stated blogging is a lot like journaling only with others reading what would be your private thoughts.




My random thoughts about the similarities of life and blogging.


  • It takes conscious effort along with a strong desire to be better…………

          Setting goals and celebrating when you reached them keeps you motivated.




  • There will always be others that seem wittier,  craftier, smarter and  more successful….

           It doesn’t take anything away from your talents and abilities.




  • There will always be obstacles to overcome ……. shake off self pity and ask for help if needed.




  • Not everyone will like you or understand you…. but some will.

         Focus on those who encourage and cheer you on.




  • You will not be perfect, but you can be persistent. Don’t let your perfectionism paralyze you     

          and don’t spend too much time lamenting over mistakes. Forgive yourself and move on.



Thanks to all who take the time to read my posts and comment. I appreciate the encouragement.


Photography for this post by Donald G. Williams