The story of the little brown ottoman


I am now officially a member of “I painted my leather ottoman (footstool)” club.


I know this project has been around for a few years, but


1. I didn’t have a leather ottoman old enough to experiment on.

2. I was chicken.

Until …… I was in the basement last week. This is where I keep all the extra vases, lamps, candles,

mirrors,  extra furniture etc, etc, etc.  My go to place when I want to create a different look in the house.


This area is not well lit and tends to be damp when we get the rain we have had this spring and summer.

But can’t let a little rain stop a decorator. Right?


While in the basement last week …  there it was…  a little brown neglected small ottoman.


It had been banished to the basement. The too brown was just too brown to work with my current look.

Out comes the paint. What I had on hand was Annie Sloan Old Ochre.

I quickly starting painting before I changed my mind and almost forgot to take before shots.

It was partly covered before I grabbed the camera.

ottoman 006


ottoman 008




ottoman 004



ottoman 013


Applied two coats of paint …..  applied antiquing glaze….. waxed ….. sanded lightly and

it look like this …  not quite what I wanted.


ottoman 021



I applied just a bit of Maison Blanche Sugar Cane and Robin’s Egg ….   small jars I had on hand.

Finished with Maison Blanche clear wax and looks fabulous don’t you think?


ottoman 069


Notice the clock face.?   I printed a clock face template and used tracing paper

to transfer it to top of the ottoman using a pencil.  I then used a small brush to paint over the pencil marks.

I used brown antiquing glaze for the clock numbers.



ottoman 057



ottoman 064


Waxed and buffed again.  Isn’t little brown ottoman beautiful now?Now what else do I have in that basement?