Shoe Polish and Polyblend Grout Renew

Have you ever tried tried a product and, really not expecting it to work,  you (me) failed to take “before” pictures? ……….kicking myself.


Not only did the first product work, so did the second………………. kicking myself again for not taking “before shots.”


But of course, I will be showing “after” shots.


The first is ……………drum roll please…………………..   Polyblend Grout  Renew   in antique white


The tiled shower was looking pretty bad ………as in grout discolored and looking dingy , dirty etc. …  and no matter how much I scrub and cleaned, it had lost the clean fresh look it had when the bathroom was remodel 7 years ago. I saw the Grout Renew in Lowe’s..  Why not give it a go?



trays and ottoman and tile grout 049

Lo and behold ………  it worked!   Although it has been  at least a month or longer since I applied Grout Renew  ….. still looking good.

I followed the directions on the bottle. A little time consuming for us multitaskers … but well worth it.


trays and ottoman and tile grout 043




trays and ottoman and tile grout 042




Who uses shoe polish these days?…. In these days of summer flip flops and sneakers for footwear,

shoe polish is not much in demand at my house …..  at least not for shoes.


The next project is a leather ottoman which looked as if it had seen it best days.

The chair is in good shape, but I had even though of replacing both because the ottoman looked so bad.

Ten years of wear and tear at this party house had taken it’s toll.

Soooooo ….  with nothing to lose…….. I purchased Liquid Shoe Polish at the local Dollar General for around $4.

trays and ottoman and tile grout 040


They only had black or brown. Does anyone remember the Oxblood polish from years ago? I don’t know if they still make it or not. The ottoman and chair is not black or brown ,  but more of a burgundy. The Oxblood would be perfect.

I got the brown.  How I wished I had before pictures (my bad) …….… I didn’t really expect it to work so well…

After applying only one coat.  What do you think?


trays and ottoman and tile grout 027



trays and ottoman and tile grout 029


If you have worn leather or even vinyl, give shoe polish a try. What have you got to lose?

Don’t forget to take before pictures or you will be kicking yourself.  It really works!!!!!