Carving out a very small art corner


Does anyone ever have enough space, storage, or  room in their home to have a place that functions as a hobby or art and crafts center?


Many do. I am not among them. 

In fact, small areas for this or that activity are scattered throughout the house. I sure wish I could get that treadmill out of the bedroom.

At least the bikes fit nicely in the basement. Oh, that will be a topic for another posting.


Needing a space with lots of light to watercolor, I decided to convert a small corner of the living room.


To furnish the area on a very small budget, I shopped the basement. Among the cobwebs was an old desk and chair.


Fall 2013 001


Oops… almost forgot to take before pictures. Top of desk was all soaped up for  transformation.


Fall 2013 002


Fall 2013 003


Fall 2013 007



desk and chair 001



desk and chair 004

Both had been in the basement for years and needed  cleaning, painting and the seat of the chair had to be recovered.


Using left over paint from other projects, made this a budget friendly project.

I purchased material to cover the chair for less than $8.

















Nearby windows bring in a lot of light.





                               Isn’t she lovely????



I see the paint brushes marching in now. I need to show them their place.

Hope they will be happy in their new, lovely, budget friendly, little corner.