But I want it..


I am usually not a discontented person. (some may protest this statement)


But, really,  I am so blessed and at the risk of sounding ungrateful for what I have,

can I share what has been on my want (dream)  list?


Always, in the back of my mind, is an image of my dream home.

I can be happy without it, but I catch myself not enjoying what I have

because I have become so focused on what I want instead.



I admit it. Some days I could be called a whiner. Crying face

Lately, Mr. Finely Done and I have looked at a few properties that sounded promising.

But so far the stars have not aligned themselves to make my dream home a reality.


On my wish list……

  • A big Southern porch
  • A screen porch or sunroom. I now have patios and uncovered porches.. not very enjoyable during summer months.
  • Designated room for crafts, art and my stuff. Now it seems to be scattered about in every room.
  • Three bedrooms and 3 baths.
  • Safe neighborhood.


On the list of Mr. Finely Done.


  • Must have view ……(mountains, water, golf course)
  • Must have big lot. At least two acres would be good. (room for goats???????)
  • And all of this within an unrealistic price range….so it seems.
  • Neither one of us mind a moderate renovation project.


Recently we saw a home that fit most of the items on our lists. ……….. except for

location, neighborhood and it is on a small lot.


The price is right and it is so beautiful.


This one made my heart skip a beat. Get ready to be wowed if you are in love, as I am, with older homes.

































Isn’t she beautiful? …. Built in 1895. It has been  updated. I could even live with the kitchen for a while.


Sigh….sigh………sigh ……… small lot, neighborhood is questionable and it’s in a town we’re not

sure we want to live in  …… and lacking a view. Crying face


While I’m not ready to give up my dream, I will be more thankful for what I have and

put the brakes on the whining.(wink, wink)





Mother, Daughter, Friends


Can I have permission to write about mothers and daughters in October instead of waiting until May?


Thank you!  I promise not to get too sappy.

The relationship of mommy and daughter, more often then not, is complicated.

When daughters are teens, mothers want to fast forward to get to the day their relationship becomes an enriching friendship.

“Forget about fast forward” say the daughters …. “we just want to get away from mom……..FAST!”

They use this  phrase a lot. “ I love my mother but………………………………..…..”. And they never run out of new words to fill in the blanks.


Happy to report, my daughters are all out of their teens and we are now enjoying sweet friendships.

There are frequent phone calls and a juggling of schedules to make face to face time. There is always plenty of girl talk while we hike, bike, sing,shop, etc.

I know how fortunate I am and thank God for the blessing of all of my daughter’s friendship.

And I hurt for those mothers whose relationship with their adult daughters hasn’t made it to the friendship status.


Fall  brings back memories of  day trips to nearby mountains. We would ooh and ah at the leaf color, stop for lunch or plan for a picnic.


And the exciting trip to the Pumpkin patch farm was the highlight of the trip.


With a zillion pumpkins to choose from, it could take awhile to find the “one” or sometimes the “ones.”

Busy schedules and distance have made it impossible to have these Mother/daughter trips every year.

But this year one of my daughters and I put everything on hold one Saturday and took our fall trip to the mountains.

This time we didn’t shop for pumpkins, we went to one of our favorite shopping places for home decor.

october with Lauri 010


october with Lauri 065



october with Lauri 055


october with Lauri 059



Although it’s fall……. Christmas is not far behind.

Christmas trees beautifully  displayed at Day in the country



october with Lauri 018


october with Lauri 037


october with Lauri 016


october with Lauri 046


october with Lauri 028


Lots of pumpkins ……… and more.





Oh what fun it is to ride………



Daughter and I shared a cup of boiled peanuts and snacks outside a bakery while we took turns talking and listening.

That’s what very good friends do!




All gone. Just like our day.  Over too quickly       Crying face


Mother/Daughter day in October… A good tradition!


An autumn day with the little guys

It was a perfect autumn day. A day when being outdoors was like chicken soup soothing the soul.

It was warm, but not too warm…. it was breezy, but not too breezy. The sky was that picture perfect blue.

The leaves were just starting to have a hint of autumn’s  vibrant color.

No matter how many indoor chores were beckoning me, ignoring their voices was easy.

Especially, when it involved time to hang out with the “little guys” at the park.

Is there anything more beautiful than a child’s face lost in their play time world?












A little brotherly competition.. “ watch me beat you to the top”’ says the younger to the older brother.








Time out for a snack.




More play time …… Mar’s house. This little guy loves to blow bubbles.


This little guy loves  his furry friend. The feeling seems to be mutual.




Play……… the business of childhood (and the adults who play with them).