Nine Decades


Nine decades of life is worthy of celebration.

According to the Social Security Administration, the 2010 life expectancy for American men and women is 75.7 and 80.1 years, respectively.

To live to see 90 years old is a special achievement.

(Mom and Dad)

Mom and Dad 2


My dad will be 90 this month. He agreed to let us plan a small celebration. He has never been one to put himself in the lime light.


On a warm fall Sunday, four generations of family joined him at one of his favorite restaurants for lunch.

(Three Sisters)



Afterwards, the celebration moved to  a nearby park where we enjoyed the beautiful, peaceful setting on

the wrap around porch of the park office.


 Dad and his three girls, Martha, Peggy and Dot.



Dad is a man of few words. I couldn’t help but wonder, what was going on in his sharp mind as he thought of his long life.

(Dad and granddaughter, Melody.  Great granddaughter, Tristan,  sitting on Taylor’s lap)



He grew up in  family of 11 children. Only five are remaining.





He lost his wife, my mom, three years ago. How quiet the house must seem without her presence.

Taylor and Pa Pa.



No matter what he was thinking, he indulged us as we showered him with attention and love.

(Peggy and Tony with Dad)


Dot and Henry with Dad.






After rocking our lunch calories off,  wink…..wink…




It was time for birthday cake.




Happy Ninetieth Birthday Dad!