But I want it..


I am usually not a discontented person. (some may protest this statement)


But, really,  I am so blessed and at the risk of sounding ungrateful for what I have,

can I share what has been on my want (dream)  list?


Always, in the back of my mind, is an image of my dream home.

I can be happy without it, but I catch myself not enjoying what I have

because I have become so focused on what I want instead.



I admit it. Some days I could be called a whiner. Crying face

Lately, Mr. Finely Done and I have looked at a few properties that sounded promising.

But so far the stars have not aligned themselves to make my dream home a reality.


On my wish list……

  • A big Southern porch
  • A screen porch or sunroom. I now have patios and uncovered porches.. not very enjoyable during summer months.
  • Designated room for crafts, art and my stuff. Now it seems to be scattered about in every room.
  • Three bedrooms and 3 baths.
  • Safe neighborhood.


On the list of Mr. Finely Done.


  • Must have view ……(mountains, water, golf course)
  • Must have big lot. At least two acres would be good. (room for goats???????)
  • And all of this within an unrealistic price range….so it seems.
  • Neither one of us mind a moderate renovation project.


Recently we saw a home that fit most of the items on our lists. ……….. except for

location, neighborhood and it is on a small lot.


The price is right and it is so beautiful.


This one made my heart skip a beat. Get ready to be wowed if you are in love, as I am, with older homes.

































Isn’t she beautiful? …. Built in 1895. It has been  updated. I could even live with the kitchen for a while.


Sigh….sigh………sigh ……… small lot, neighborhood is questionable and it’s in a town we’re not

sure we want to live in  …… and lacking a view. Crying face


While I’m not ready to give up my dream, I will be more thankful for what I have and

put the brakes on the whining.(wink, wink)