Time Waits for no one



“Hours are like diamonds, don’t let them waste”

… so the old Rolling Stone’s song goes.


What if we held our  hours as dear as valuable diamonds?


What could be accomplished and what useless or harmful activities would be eliminated?


Just me ……….musing about time today.


Big Ben


When we’re young, the days  seems to be stretching out before us endlessly.


We make decisions recklessly with the thought  …. if it doesn’t work out, there will be time to fix it later.



It’s only when we get older and wiser, we see some things aren’t fixable and the time wasted can’t be reversed.




The opportunities we passed up are gone and the consequences of our bad choices may stay with us.


No one is powerful enough to stop or turn back the hands of time.




Things I told my 20 something self……………………

You will have time to finish your education later.

(life got in the way of doing so )




You will have time later to spend quality time with your children when they get older.

You will enjoy them more then. ( We have quality time when possible,

but I find myself wanting the quantity I had before they grew up.)





You will have time to hang out with your grandmother and really get to know her.


You will have time later to have her teach you embroidery . (Missed the opportunity.)





You will have time later to spend more time with your mother.

You both are too busy now.. (suddenly not possible. miss you mom)



You will have time later to get fit and be healthy. 

(While better late than never, waiting can rob you of feeling good and

having energy to live life to fullest.)




The clocks are ticking………..

Days  are getting shorter………

The beauty of fall is everywhere ……

Stores are filled with reminders

Christmas will soon be here.


christmas-clock.jpg (1024×768)


In the words of Dr. Seuss “ How did it get so late….. so soon?”