How can anyone walk together unless they are agreed. Amos 3:3




It’s not about getting God in agreement with us; it is getting ourselves in agreement with Him.

Walking with God is partnering with Him to become what He had planned originally.

That is what it means to walk with God.




Walking with God is being connected to the real source of power, wisdom and

inspiration and living life to the fullest.



Walking with God is believing and living by the words of God.



When we walk with God, we trust Him and  lean not on our own understanding and abilities.






Walking with God is loving, honoring and giving diligent attention to learning His ways
to walk together with Him.




Walking with God is acknowledgement that one cannot live life successfully
without the help of God



Walking with God is not being wise in our own eyes, shunning evil and revering




Walking with God is consecration to living and pleasing God with the life He’s given us.

Consecration is an appreciation of the love and mercy of God shown us through the

death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.



Walking with God is daily fellowship with Him through reading, meditating

on the word, and fervent prayer.





God’s reality is in plain sight. Just talk a walk and you can see the great Master Planner at work.

He’s the designer of the seasons to produce spectacular autumn color. He’s the creative creator who

produces masterpieces with no two alike, insuring variety and uniqueness. Look in the mirror and see your own

uniqueness. And does any two of us have the same fingerprints?





As someone who loves  designing and creating beautiful things, choosing to walk with the Magnificent

Creator of the ages is a wise decision, don’t you think??


To God be the Glory …….. Great things He has done!

by Fanny Crosby