Pillow talk

Ready for some pillow talk??? Blush, blush


No, not that kind!


Pillow COVER talk.


Once upon a time, every time I saw throw pillows that I just had to have,  I didn’t hesitate buying them.

That was back in the day when a steady paycheck aided my addiction to pretty pillows.


The problem was ….what to do with the old pillows that were in good shape, but someone just wanted a change.

sigh. that would be me.


Knowing I didn’t have storage for extra pillows didn’t deter me at all.

Over time, my extra pillows were talking all over town….donations centers, consignment shops, yard sales … were all co conspirators

to getting the old pillows out as the new ones came in.

How those days are long gone!

It’s not that I don’t like pretty pillows anymore and want to change…..frequently.


I’ve found a way to satisfy my need to have new pillows without spending much money

and sending my old pillows out to talk.

I keep the pillows and change the covers. With a little sewing, a little time and very little $, I have “new” pillows.


How to…


1. For an 18” x 18” envelope pillow cover …cut 3 pieces of fabric. An 18 1/2  x 18 1/2“ piece for the front

    and two 18 1/2 x 12” pieces. The back pieces will overlap like an envelope.

2. Iron all pieces smooth. Iron a 1/2” fold over on the edge of both back pieces that will overlap.

3. Now sew the 1/2” fold. This will be the hemmed edge for each back piece.

4. Next pin the back and front pieces together…. pinning right sides together.

5. Sew 1/2 ‘” straight lines all the way around your pillow cover.

6. Flip the pillow cover inside out… poke out your corners… and stuff your insert into the cover!


all done… Now that’s pillow covers worthy of lots and lots of pillow talk!


Nov 2013 pillows 087


Nov 2013 pillows 090                                   Nov 2013 pillows 091



Nov 2013 pillows 108



Nov 2013 pillows 105


More pillow talk  …… envelope pillow cover with a added trim.


Nov 2013 pillows 095



Nov 2013 pillows 099



Pillow covers can be folded and put away easily. Now I don’t  feel guilty about changing

the covers for the seasons.  The Red Tartan is setting the stage for Christmas decorating that

I am getting anxious to start.

Hosting Thanksgiving so I will be patient a while longer..