I need a little Christmas……… now.


I thought I could do it. I planned to do it.


Little Christmas 2013 052


I was going to.  ……..

wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating for Christmas.


But I couldn’t wait. So now I’m going to….…. but just a little bit.


Little Christmas 2013 054


Not all the decorations will be up on the inside and certainly none

outside until after Thanksgiving.


The bedrooms and office will have a touch of Christmas now. Our Thanksgiving

guests don’t normally see those rooms anyway.


Little Christmas 2013 043


And it will satisfy my need to have a little Christmas now.


I like to drive myself insane by changing the decorating designs every year.

My decorations are seldom repeated in the same way from year to year.


Little Christmas 2013 044

It’s not that I buy new things, I just rearrange what I have to different location.


Example: Sometimes the Byer’s  Carolers are on the mantel and sometimes they are on the chest in the hallway.

They have been on top of the piano singing their hearts out.


Little Christmas 2013 049


So even putting up a little Christmas requires hours and hours  of thought.

Where oh where do the silver reindeer want to be displayed this year?


Sigh.. Sigh


Little Christmas 2013 061

Then I have to rummage through all the boxes to find the things I want to use.

And put aside the other decorations until later.

Little Christmas 2013 065


Christmas decorations just have to include Peppermint.


Little Christmas 2013 062


A peppermint theme bedroom this year?…. complete with a  quickly painted

watercolor to frame.


Little Christmas 2013 072


Not sure where this cute little snowman will end up.

Little Christmas 2013 076


Another Christmas watercolor.

Little Christmas 2013 078


Ok I feel better now…………….Got my little bit of Christmas fix.