One Small Dining Room……Four Ways

When I take pictures of my Christmas decorating, I tell myself

“self, do the same thing next year and it will save you time.”


Does self ever listen???


Of course not……. I look at the pictures and then my imagination takes over

to do something totally different the current year.



Although I don’t use the pictures to duplicate the previous year, I must say the pictures

are good for a  “what was I thinking” moment.


For instance, look at 2009. Not my style at all now


June - Dec 2009 220

June - Dec 2009 221


June - Dec 2009 222


Moving on to December 2010 ………….

Christmas 2010 065



Christmas 2010 051


Where oh where are pictures of December 2011. None to be found….. so moving on to

elegant December 2012







If your sharp eye noticed 2 different table centerpieces for 2012,

the pictures were from 2 different holiday parties.

Although the room is small …… it is big on entertaining.


And now a peek into 2013…..

christmas 1 2013 085



christmas 1 2013 087

christmas 1 2013 088



The furniture has remained the same through the years, but how different the room looks and feels

with simple changes of décor. I’m really feeling the casual plaid look of 2013.