My Favorite Room


“shh.”  Don’t tell the rest of the rooms of my house


I have a favorite room and it’s my dining room.



Christmas 2010 065

picture above from 2010.


It’s not a large room at all and sometimes seems to be no more than a walkthrough from

the living room to the kitchen area. But it doesn’t seem to mind and is very functional

when it needs to be.




The round dining room table allows for easy conversation to all seated around the table.

Although there is room for six chairs, four chairs are the usual.




Having three large windows in the room brings in lots and lots of light.





We enjoy the two sided fireplace installed during a renovation a few years ago.

No regrets at all.




The white  panels below the chair rail was a do it your self project using picture frames.

Simple and low cost.






The glass top pedestal table helps in making the room appear larger.

christmas 1 2013 088


There is not a lot of wall space in this room. I found a large oil painting years ago

and it is perfect for this room. No matter the color scheme, it works.

December 16 2013 047


December 16 2013 050


november 2013 decor 024


november 2013 decor 023

Antique Mahogany Art Deco China Cabinet refinished.

Thanksgiving décor. See picture 2 for Christmas décor







Decorating this room is easy. It just lets me go with my mood and it seems to work,

most of the time. Although at times, I wished there were more square footage in my Dining Room,

I totally enjoy entertaining in this room.

If walls could talk……… they would say I’m the favorite and I know it!!