Christmas decorating competition

Our little town has a fierce Christmas

decorating competition every year.



No one is forced to enter, but if decorating is in your blood and you have an ounce of competiveness

you’re there……………….… Know what I mean???




Sometimes, I contemplate  the idea of not entering the contest …………..…. for 5 seconds.

I know I’m going to decorate anyway and my ounce of competitiveness kicks in and there I am ….

win or lose……. I’m in and have been in for 20 years.



There have been times, I put my heart and soul in and came away with nothing. And there have been times

when I was truly surprised to get a number in my yard.



The numbers, 1, 2 or 3  in the yard give you bragging rights for the Christmas season.

No prizes are given……nothing but a number in your yard…. and yet that seems to be enough to bring

out the competitive nature in a lot of us home owners


The competition deadline pushes me to get it finished in early December.


And that’s good….  I may do and redo the greenery, ribbons and yard accessory arrangements, dozens of times

before the judging date…..  but once the date arrives I know I’m finished… 




If the weather is warm, I may have to replace the live greenery to keep it nice through Christmas.

But it is a good feeling when it’s done and I can breathe.

Win or lose it’s over for the year.




Every year I want a fresh idea even if I had a successful entry the previous year with a win. … I want something new.

There are certain elements and colors,that I have learned compliment the house,

so I stick with the basics and work from there.






Years ago, I turned the house into a gingerbread house….

There were giant candy canes made out of water pipes adorning each side of the door

And giant lollipops sticking out of the ground.. I thought it was soooooooo cute. (sorry no picture)

Did it get me anywhere in the competition??? nope not at all.  The children and I enjoyed it… so that’s something.

This year, the second week in December was the judging date.  We had several days of continuous rainy, cold weather.




And because my dad, has been in the hospital in a town an hour away, my usual numerous days……. yes I said days……. of decorating outside were limited.

That’s probably a good thing. Sometimes I redo, when I need to just walk away.









On the night of the2013  judging, we took a quick look and made sure all the lights were working and waited inside…..

and the anxiousness begins.

Will it be my year or not?






2013 is my year…




The doorbell rings, I peek out the window, I see a sign going up in the year……..YAY


The judges are at the door and I try to be as composed as possible, but my excitement is showing tremendously.




I know I am a winner……… because the judges are at my front door………I am winner……..I’m a winner

I’m a winner, I want to scream.

But I don’t scream. However, the emotions, that have been so close to the surface, spill over and tears trickled down my face.

For this moment, I am smiled down upon and savor the news that I will have a number in the yard for all to see.

My expressions of the season’s spirit has been judged and rated number…………….












2013 is quickly going to end. Our family, as many families, has had their share of troubles.

We are optimistically looking forward to 2014

And as small as it may sound, a number in the yard, made the season just a little brighter.

Merry Christmas..


Tell me what has made this Christmas a little brighter for you????