January Birthday Celebration

January 2014 has been one of the coldest Januarys on record.


        And how cold is it?

So cold Starbucks is serving coffee on a stick.

ha ha



The cold winds of the last Saturday in January,

didn’t deter our plans for a girls only birthday celebration.


Birthday girl’s choice was the fun and entertaining

atmosphere of a Japanese steakhouse.


Mimi's 001

Mimi's 002


It was plenty warm inside as the chef entertained us and paid special attention to the

birthday girl.


Mimi's 006


Mimi's 008


Mimi's 012

Mimi's 014


Favorite snacks to take on an upcoming birthday trip.


Mimi's 011



Mimi's 016


Mimi's 019


Mimi's 034


We were having so much fun, we braved the blustery winds, to  dash in and out of a few stores

and then to Starbucks to  sip cappuccinos and lattes…… and the answer is no to the question,

“was the coffee on a stick?”


mel bd2


Happy Birthday, Beautiful!


A beautiful and Happy life

What’s with all the meanness and cruelty toward others that seems to make people happy??

So not getting it… are you?




We are bombarded with it on reality TV.

Seems the meaner they are, the higher the ratings.

Has our society become addicted to this kind of behavior?




Is it really so pleasurable to be self centered, mean, rude and crude?

While I don’t subject myself to watching this sort of behavior on TV,

the internet is just as bad. Even feel good stories contain many mean comments.


Is the goal to zap all goodness and happiness from the world?

It spills over to everyday life.  On a trip to the grocery store,

we may encounter rude drivers, rude shoppers

and all too many times rude cashiers and store clerks.




Last week, we had to endure the rudeness of a doctor examining my elderly dad.

I know everyone has a bad day and it can come out when dealing with others. But why should it?



Has meanness become the “American way?”

Beneath the surface, there seems to be a smoldering resentment that has made us mean.


I don’t have the answer to the question of  how do we promote goodness and kindness

over bullying and meanness other than it must be an individual choice.

We each must look ourselves in the mirror and ask are we guilty of spreading this

meanness poison in our world.




Meanness has always been around. It just seems to spread more quickly now because of the internet

and the social media.


The meanness and cruelty of the world was written about in the 1905 children’s novel

by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

In  A Little PrincessSara Crewe, an exceptionally intelligent and imaginative student

at Miss Minchin’s Select Seminary

for Young Ladies, is devastated when her adored, indulgent father dies.

Now penniless and banished to a room in the attic,

Sara is demeaned, abused, and forced to work as a servant.

In the end, this resourceful girl’s fortunes changes again.

Sara showed she was a true little princess no matter what the condition of her physical world.

Her heart and spirit was that of royalty.

She chose to act like a kind,generous princess throughout her ordeal,

while others released their cruelty and meanness toward her.






My moral of the story….. We chose whether we will be a true princess or prince

or will be be a resentful and jealous Miss Minchin.

In the end who has the happy and beautiful life?









Serendipity Friend




Serendipity – luck that takes the form of finding valuable or

pleasant things that are not looked for


January 2014 008


Serendipity…….one of my favorite words in the English language.

January 2014 011


Serendipity means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”;


January 2014 010


Specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it.



January 2014 005



January 2014 012


My Serendipity friend, recently prepared this scrumptious dinner celebration.  

Celebration that meant using her beautiful dining room, china, cloth napkins,

dimmed lighting, and preparing the best meal ever. 


January 2014 019


Although our friendship is the kind that can celebrate with sandwiches, paper plates

and throw away napkins, her gourmet meals are a treasure.

We look for opportunities to get together and celebrate something…..

even if it is a birthday………..a month later.


January 2014 014

The garlic biscuits………out of this world.


The menu


Garden Salad with yummy topping options.

Apple and onion Chutney over pork tenderloin

Potato casserole


Small Butter Beans

Garlic Biscuits

Chocolate cake with Ice cream


January 2014 023

(because the lights were dimmed pictures are not clear, but you get the idea)



Thank you, my serendipity friend, for adding richness and fun to my life all these years…………

not to mention the calories after this delicious meal.  Laughing out loud