The word for 2014

Do you have your “word” for 2014?


Bestselling author,  Debbie Macomber, yearly chooses a single inspiring word.


The following is an excerpt from an article in Guidepost magazine.

The Cedar Cove series author, Debbie Macomber says,


“Each year I choose one word to focus on and live by. These words have comforted me,

challenged me and brought me closer to God. They have changed me. I’ve used them in my prayers,

written about them in my journals, discussed them with my friends.”


While I don’t know the word Debbie Macomber has chosen for 2014, there is one word that keeps

coming to mind for myself.


And that word is “fresh.”


For 2014  ……..I want………. I need……  a fresh outlook.

2013 went out with me feeling a little weary, a little worn

and stale

Winter scene


I seek fresh ideas.

winter scenes


I want my life to be revived or reinvigorated; refreshed:


My thoughts to be novel; different.





My outlook to be bright and clear………………….not dull or fading.


A fresh start….



fresh words……..fresh meaning……..fresh purpose.



a look at things with fresh eyes.



and a fresh, pure heart.




fresh planning……




A fresh, renewed mind……..




A refreshed and cleansed soul.






and a fresh,  renewed spirit



I would really like to hear the word you have chosen for yourself for 2014.


Thank you for visiting my blog. Would love to hear your comments.


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