January Birthday Celebration

January 2014 has been one of the coldest Januarys on record.


        And how cold is it?

So cold Starbucks is serving coffee on a stick.

ha ha



The cold winds of the last Saturday in January,

didn’t deter our plans for a girls only birthday celebration.


Birthday girl’s choice was the fun and entertaining

atmosphere of a Japanese steakhouse.


Mimi's 001

Mimi's 002


It was plenty warm inside as the chef entertained us and paid special attention to the

birthday girl.


Mimi's 006


Mimi's 008


Mimi's 012

Mimi's 014


Favorite snacks to take on an upcoming birthday trip.


Mimi's 011



Mimi's 016


Mimi's 019


Mimi's 034


We were having so much fun, we braved the blustery winds, to  dash in and out of a few stores

and then to Starbucks to  sip cappuccinos and lattes…… and the answer is no to the question,

“was the coffee on a stick?”


mel bd2


Happy Birthday, Beautiful!